Don’t Get Rug Burned: How to Choose the Best Area Rug for Your Home

When you’re looking to tie a room together what are your first thoughts? Paint? Furniture? A new TV? Sure, those things can help pull off the look you want, but they’re not the glue that holds a room together.

An area rug ties your room together. Be they woven, colorful, knitted, mundane, or anything in-between, area rugs make cohesion possible. So it’s time to get rug shopping…or is it?

Picking a rug to tie your room together isn’t always easy. There’s an enormous amount of rug styles to choose from which further complicates area rug shopping. That’s where we come in. We’re breaking down the how to choose the best area rugs for your home.

Area Rug Color, Color, Color

The best area rug color depends on your room’s color scheme. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid clashing colors. Though, some color tension can help you rug become the centerpiece of your room.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to area rug colors: Your rug either sets the tone of the room or takes cues from the rest of your decorations. If your rug sets the tone, great! You’ll need furniture that blends with its color scheme.

If your rug takes cues, you can buy an area rug that pulls your furnitures’ color palette together. Blue furniture and beige walls? No problem, just use an area rug to tie the room together. This way, the colors will coordinate and all work well together. 

Shape and Size

Some rooms are cluttered, while others are bare. Both pose their own unique interior decoration challenges. Cluttered rooms need something to hold the items together. Bare rooms need something to accentuate your items.

A large area rug can help pull together bare rooms. Large rugs can help fill space are draw your eyes towards your other items. A large area rug also works well to make small rooms look larger. Large, round rugs can accentuate space and highlight furniture.

Small area rugs work better for cluttered rooms. The smaller rug can draw eyes toward the rug and away from the clutter.

Funky Rugs for Funky Rooms

Some people have interesting design schemes. The problem being, funky furniture, and other room decorations, don’t usually mesh well together. The funkier the decorations, the harder they are to pull together.

An area rug that plays off design patterns, like abode rugs or patchwork color schemes, can help create a centerpiece for the rest of your funky items.

More Design Idea for Your Home

Your interior home design express who you are, including your area rug. How you decorate your home shows visitors who you are, what you believe in, and what represents you. That’s why we make it our goal to bring you the latest and greatest in interior design.

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