10 Creative DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas You Should Try

Is your bathroom needing a little TLC?

We often neglect to style the bathroom because the kitchen and living areas of the house are seen more often. However, decorating your bathroom is a chance to create a serene, calming, and chic space to get ready in.

You don’t have to break the bank buying new finishes or hiring a designer; there are tons of easy at-home DIY bathroom decor ideas you can make your own.

For 10 of the most on-trend, chicest bathroom decor ideas, keep reading.

1. Wooden Bath Towel Rack

Modern farmhouse decor is one trend of 2018 that isn’t going anywhere. The bathroom is the perfect spot to try out this style while staying on budget.

To create this piece, you’ll need a reclaimed piece of wood that’s cut to the length you want. Depending on how many towels you want to hang and how much space you have, measure the size of wood you want. One foot by three feet is a good baseline.

If you don’t like the existing color of the wood, purchase a stain that you like. Dark walnut is a gorgeous color for wood decor.

Next, purchase the towel hooks you want and drill them into the wood. Black iron hangers compliment the rustic wood panel giving it a chic barn feel. Once it’s all put together, you can screw it into the wall at an appropriate height, usually around eye level.

2. Mason Jar Bath Set

Instead of buying a matching bathroom set, re-purpose old mason jars. Your toothbrushes, hand soap, and tissue can be stored in these trendy rustic jars adding lots of style to your space.

Some designers paint the mason jars with complimenting colors to your bathroom. Turquoise, white, and metallic bronze are all trendy colors to use as accents.

To create a tissue holder, cut a slit across the lid of the mason jar with a utility knife or shears and pull the top tissue through the whole.

3. Gem Wall Art

Using gems in your bathroom decor adds a fun, interesting textural element to your walls as well as adding your desired colors to the scheme.

Start by purchasing a white art canvas from the dollar store or craft supply store. You’ll also need to purchase the gemstones you want to use. Buying a mix of opaque colors and translucent shades create more dimension.

Using a hot glue gun, glue the gems to the canvas in whatever pattern you like. Some choose to create a sun with radiating sun rays, others do a flower. The options are endless!

4. Medicine Cabinet Organizer

Most of us have a disorganized and cluttered medicine cabinet that takes away from the overall style of the room. To remedy this, use magnets to organize your items.

Purchase small rectangular magnets from the craft supply store as well as small fabric samples you like. At home, glue the fabric to the magnets and hang the magnets inside your bathroom mirror door.

Now you can organize all the little bits in your storage onto the magnets. For example, bobby pins, nail clippers, eyelash curlers, etc. You could even attach a magnet to a wine cork and use that to hang your hair elastics on!

5. Marble Tray

There is nothing chicer than a marble tray for your vanity to place your perfumes, rings, and other dainty items. And, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg for this kind of luxury.

You can start with a marble slab found in the kitchen decor section, normally used as a cutting board or cheese plate. Or you could use a large marble floor tile. Then, you’ll need to buy two metal kitchen cabinet handles (the bar-handle ones).

Using heavy-duty glue, attach the handles to either side of the marble slab and allow it to set. Then, you’re all set! Place it on your bathroom counter and add decorative elements like a flower vase and perfume bottle.

6. Color-Blocked Shower Curtain

This bathroom decor idea can be created with bright colors for a kid’s bathroom or different shades of the same color for a sophisticated look.

All you need to do is purchase a white shower curtain from the dollar store, and paint that can be used on vinyl.

In a large working space, spread the curtain out completely. Use painter’s tape to trace out the color-blocking lines. Then get painting!

7. Marbled Wall Art

Did you know that nail polish can be used to create a marble effect?

For this gorgeous decor hack, you’ll need watercolor paper, nail polish, and a shallow pan.

Fill the pan with about an inch of water. Drizzle your chosen nail polishes into the water in various patterns. You might trace multiple circles or squiggles with the colors or try to create lines that end up moving with the water.

Then, gently lay your watercolor paper onto the surface of the water for a couple seconds. Peel the paper off the water and place on a drying rack. Once it’s dry, you have a gorgeous marble-esque art piece.

8. Hand Towel Holder

The days of standing towel holders that sit on your counter are gone.

The newest trend is creating your own hand towel hook from a ring, leather belt, and a screw. If you don’t like the color of the wooden ring, you may need sandpaper and a stain.

Cut a six-inch portion of the leather belt off, and fold it around the ring. Where the belt reconnects with itself, screw it into the wall. Then, place your towel over the ring.

Voila! A cool, edgy, chic hand towel holder.

9. Dip Dyed Hand Towels

Nothing says trendy like ombre towels. And, they’re relatively easy to make yourself.

All you need a tub of water and dye solution.

First, place the whole towel in the dye-water container. Every 10 minutes or so, pull out 4-5 inches of the towel. As you continue to pull it out, over time you’ll have a perfectly ombre towel that’s lightest at the top.

10. Seashell Candles

The best way to make your bathroom more relaxing and serene is to add beachy elements, like seashells. Shells immediately denote lazy summer days, warm weather, and relaxation.

To create this decor idea, you’ll need seashells (purchased or found on vacation), pre-waxed wicks, and wax pellets.

Hot glue the pre-waxed wicks into each seashell, and then melt the wax pellets in the microwave. Simply pour the melted wax into the shells and let them dry.

You can place these candles around the bathtub for a romantic and soothing atmosphere.

Want More DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas?

Your bathroom can easily be updated and designed to be as chic as the rest of your home with a few simple decor elements. You don’t even need to spend a lot for the transformation; follow the DIY bathroom decor ideas above for a quick-fix of style.

If you want more home decor, bathroom DIYs, and overall interior design ideas, check out our blog.