Is it Time to Call a Plumber? These 3 Signs Say YES!

The average American family of four uses approximately 400 gallons of water per day. Pumping all this water every day wears on the pipes of your homes and can cause them to malfunction.

You should know what problems you can get by fixing on your own and which you need to consult a plumbing professional for. 

Here are 3 signs that you need to call a plumber.

1. If You Experience Backflow

It’s not a good day when you come home to backflow water sitting in your sinks and bathtubs. If the backflow is especially heavy, you will quickly see that the water can spill over the edge of the sinks and cover your floor and carpet with the dirty water.

This can take a while to get clean and can really put the damper on your day. A backflow into your sink normally happens when there is a quick change in water pressure or flow.

The valve basically hasn’t done its job in blocking previously water drainage.

You’ll want to immediately turn off your water valve and then call your plumber. They will be able to help drain the rest of the water out of your sink, and fix the existing problem.

2. Call a Plumber If You Have Low Water Pressure

If you go to turn on the sink faucet and you see that the water is coming out with less force, that means you’re experiencing low water pressure.

Low water pressure can be the result of the sinks aerator having gunk clogging up inside.

If you unscrew the aerator then clean it, and the problem persists, you might be looking at a larger problem. This is when you would need to consult a professional plumber for your low water pressure.

They will be able to figure out the problem and find the appropriate solution for you. In these cases, the low water pressure could be because of a water leak, a pipe breaking, or an erosion of your waterline.

3. Hearing Water Running When It’s Not in Use

Every once in a while, it’s smart to check if you can hear water running when no one is using it. Hearing running water might be a sign that you have a break in your pipes somewhere.

Another way to make sure that water is flowing when you don’t intend it to is to check your water meter. If your water meter is spinning when no one is using the water, that shows you that there’s a problem with your pipes.

You may also start to see water buildup in different areas of your house and even possibly brown spots on the walls. You’ll want to turn off your water valve to stop the leak until your plumber is able to come and remedy the problem.

Don’t Hesitate

It’s best to call a plumber if you’re experiencing any of these issues. These professionals have the knowledge to quickly fix your problem and make sure that the issue doesn’t happen again in the near future.

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