Remodel vs Renovate: Which Do You Need?

Did you know that there is a difference between a renovation and a remodel? Even though it’s common for people to use both words interchangeably, they don’t actually mean the same thing.

In order to begin either type of project, you’ll need to know what they both mean and what to expect in both.

Here’s a remodel vs renovate complete guide so you can know the difference.

Remodel vs Renovate

The difference is mostly between the scope of work that you need to do on the home to get it where you want it.

Think of a remodel as a broad term. A remodel deals with any type of structural changes you want to do to the original house. This will be a dramatic change to the home.

A renovation is more of a specific word that means to make something old new again. During a renovation, the appliances, plumbing, and walls will all stay in place. The changes come in how they look cosmetically.

The Definition of a Remodel

When you go to change the structure of the building, that’s a remodel. This also refers to anything will dramatically change the layout, style, and structure of rooms and the building.

These changes can help make the space more functional for your family to live in.

It’s currently popular for homeowners to want an open-concept living, dining, and kitchen area. To accomplish this, you’ll have to remove multiple walls from older homes and remodel the home.

The Definition of a Renovation

When you make renovations to a house, you’re more than likely taking something that’s out-of-date and updating it.

Renovations happen by wanting to make various cosmetic improvements all-while personalizing and customizing your living space.

Repainting walls, replacing windows, changing a backsplash, getting new appliances, and replacing cabinets are all examples of renovation projects.

Budget and Time Span

Typically, remodeling will cost more than a simple renovation. This is because during a remodel you’ll have to do things like removing walls, changing plumbing, and fixing electrical systems.

Contacting a professional contractor will make sure that they will complete your project correctly the first time. These professionals will also be able to give you a prediction of how long your home renovations or remodel will take. 

You might be able to handle smaller renovations like paint or a new backsplash yourself. If not, then a local handyman can assist you in this process.

These renovations will also often take less time than larger remodels that deal with anything from house additions to adding a kitchen island.

Determine Scope of Projects 

Deciding whether to remodel vs renovate will help determine a potential budget, time span, and the full scope of projects. In the end, these projects can help add value to your home and increase your return-on-investment when you go to sell the house.

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