Adding a Whole House Water Filter to Your Remodel? Here Are the Best Ones!

Did you know that if you’re cooking, drinking or showering in water straight from your home’s water tap, you’re cooking, drinking and showering in aluminum, ammonia, arsenic, barium and a number of other harmful substances?

Well, now you do.

No matter how well-rated your community’s water supply is, there is no guarantee that the water you’re using is free of poisons. The only way you can ensure both you and your family’s safety is by investing in a high-quality whole house water filter.

Whole house water filters purify every drop of water that runs through your home. That means that no matter what you’re using your water for, you can be sure that it’s safe.

To help you add clarity to your home water filter search, our team has put together this list of our favorite models you should consider buying!

1. iSpring WGB32B Filtration System

We’ve seen a lot of whole house water filters in our day and few have impressed us as much as iSpring. This small filter boasts an impressive contaminant removal rate of 95% and specializes in the filtration of chlorine, sediments, herbicides, rust, and more.

People who have used iSpring love it for the fact that it hardly disrupts water pressure while simultaneously providing outstanding filtration.

Just be sure to install it correctly and leverage Teflon tape where applicable to prevent leaks.

2. Home Master HMF2SDGFEC Water Filter

If you’re looking for a brand of water filter that’s penetrated a massive amount of the home market and also boasts a respectable price-point, you’re going to love the Home Master.

The Home Master water filter is capable of filtering 15 gallons of water per minute which means that water pressure disruption will be slim to nill when in use. Furthermore, the filter’s outstanding sediment filter makes it capable of catching contaminants that are as small as 5 microns (that’s really small).

The Home Master boasts a 95% filtration rate and has been noted for the pleasant flavor its unique filtration process gives to water.

On the negative side, this particular model of filter has been noted for not being great at removing iron. Tests have shown a 90% reduction in iron as opposed to the roughly 95% reduction the filter offers when it comes to other contaminants.

3. 3M Aqua-Pure Water Filtration System

As it turns out, 3M does a lot more than make those nifty command hooks that all of your picture frames, Christmas lights, and more rely on to stay on your walls. The brand also makes an incredible whole house water filter.

The Aqua-Pure water filtration system’s primary sell point is the fact that it offers what is commonly cited as the best flow rate (water pressure rate) of any filters on the market.

Most quality water filters will have a flow rate of 15 gallons per minute. The Aqua-Pure boasts 20.

Also, maintenance of this water filtration system is simple. The component that needs to get changed out lasts about a year and can be switched in 2-5 minutes.

On a negative note, if your home is in an area with highly contaminated water, this filter may not be for you. It’s typically recommended that it be combined with a sediment filter when your naked tap water is rated as non-drinkable.

4. Aquasana Water Filter

This low maintenance whole house water filter is quickly building a reputation for itself as the best on the market. That’s mostly due to the fact that the filter is extremely low maintenance given that it’s rated to last a whopping 10-years!

That’s right, 10-years or 1,000,000 gallons worth of water will need to pass through this filter before you need to switch it out. That by itself may be enough reason for people to opt for Aquasana.

Beyond its impressive lifespan, you can also expect high-quality filtration from Aquasana that will have a positive impact on your water’s taste.

The only downside with this filter is that you’ll need a Pex Crimper to properly install it. For most, that will mean needing to invoke the help of a plumber or other maintenance professional.

5. DuPont WFPF12003B

Rounding out our list of whole house water filters is the DuPont Water Filtration System. We like this water filter because it provides a lot of the core benefits the other water filters we’ve mentioned pack but at a reduced price.

The price reduction does come at the expense of some performance. For instance, this water filter is only rated to catch contaminates that are 10 microns in size or larger. That’s half as effective as some of the other filters on our list.

Also, some customers have reported the filter to be prone to ruptures which can cause water damage to your home.

Still, given the unit’s incredible price point and the fact that it’s backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty, it may be worth giving DuPont a whirl when shopping for your next water filtration system.

Note that this filter and others on our list are fully compatible with smart valves which you can learn more about.

Wrapping Up Whole House Water Filter Brands to Buy

From the sophisticated protection offered by Auqa-Pure to the low-cost yet effective help DuPont brings, there are a ton of quality whole house water filter options that can keep your water clean.

Our suggestion is to dig deeper into our picks above and take the leap on whichever model seems like the best fit for you.

Remember, all of these models get backed by solid warranties. That means that if for whatever reason you feel your water filter isn’t performing as intended, you can get a replacement or seek a full refund.

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