The Ultimate Guide on How to Organize Your Garage

Do you wince every time you look at your garage? That’s all about to change.

A tidy garage will give you an opportunity to finally build that dream office, yoga studio, party palace, or simply a place to park your car again.

In this guide, you’ll learn several tips and tricks on how to organize your garage for optimal space and functionality.

What Will Your Garage Be Used For?

First and foremost, decide what you want to do with your garage space. If you’re using it for a home office, your storage and organization will revolve around your office design. If you’re using your garage for carpentry, you’d want to consider robust wall storage for easy to grab tools.

For homeowners who simply want to tidy up their garage, Tupperware is your friend. Movable Tupperware units are a great way to organize a functional space that fits your belongings and your car.

Safety First

Garages pose several safety concerns. For example, wall storage that’s improperly mounted runs the risk of falling off. Too much clutter can cause slips and falls. And heavy garbage bins can easily topple over.

Those risks are more amplified when you become a parent. That’s why safety should be your number one priority for garage organization.

Here are several tips on how to organize an awesome garage for kids

  • Keep storage bins low to the ground
  • Use lightweight stackable milk crates
  • Avoid using metal file cabinets with sharp edges
  • Install stackable Tupperware storage
  • Take extra precaution when installing wall and ceiling storage compartments
  • Use cardboard concrete tubes as floor storage

Remember to install adequate lighting so children don’t bump and hurt themselves.

How to Organize a Garage for an Office

Garages are ideal for home-based offices, but getting there can be a monumental task.

If unwanted stuff is holding you back from building an office, hold a garage sale first before anything else. Any leftover items can be donated to local charities.

Once you clear out all unwanted items, measure your garage to ensure that your furnishings and storage are proportional to the space. If you’re really going for your dream office, you may want to consult a professional interior designer or use an interior design app to brainstorm ideas. Digital tools can help you settle on the right color scheme, furnishing style, storage, and lighting for your office.

You have several options for storage with a garage office. For starters, you can install wooden wall shelves or mounted wire racks. You may also want to consider installing bookshelves and movable file cabinets.

If you’re going to be sharing your office with multiple people, consider labeling storage compartments as well. Storage labeling is particularly necessary if you’re running a creative home-based business like crafting, fashion, and custom furniture.

Game On: How to Organize Your Garage for an Athlete

Parents understand how quickly a garage can turn into a mini sports center. From hockey sticks to basketballs, sports equipment quickly mounts up. Here are several garage space saving ideas to consider:

  • Install wall racks for bikes
  • Use cardboard concrete tubes to store hockey sticks and baseball bats
  • Use vacuum sealed bags for past seasons’ uniforms
  • Install wall hooks for bicycle helmets
  • Installing movable Tupperware drawers for sunscreen, chapstick, and first aid
  • Mount wire wall racks for basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls

If you’re using your garage space as a yoga studio, consider crafting your own custom wall racks for yoga mats and foam rollers. Floor baskets are a great storage option for lightweight yoga blocks, straps, blankets, and supportive cushions.

Garage Space Savers for Entertaining

Love to host friends, family, and colleagues? An awesome garage is a prime party space. Besides, where would bands like Green Day and Blink-182 be without garage spaces in those formative years?

If you want to take your garage to that next level, don’t let poor storage decisions kill the vibe. Safety and capacity are two important factors here. Like creating a kid-friendly garage, you have to avoid poorly installed ceiling and wall Storage. The last thing you want is a liability on your hands after throwing a party.

Include wall hooks and cubbies for guests to store their belongings during parties. Use pull-out Tupperware drawers to store plasticware, cups, decorations, and other party accessories. Of course, you’ll need coolers on-hand to store cold beverages. With that in mind, consider installing a wine rack as well.

However, you don’t want your garage storage to stand out like a sore thumb. That’s why incognito storage is key for entertaining spaces.

Take this opportunity to use that old chest that’s been in your family for ages. Store items you want to hide and simply cover the chest with a tablecloth. Old wooden chests also make great end tables for coffee and mingling.

You can install a large drawn curtain for hiding wall storage during parties as well.

How to Organize Your Garage Year-Round

It’s amazing how quickly things mount up. That’s why a once amazing garage can turn into a disaster in just weeks. Here are a few garage saving tips to save your sanity year round:

  • Routinely audit your belongings and get rid of unwanted items
  • Install adequate lighting, so you leave no stone unturned
  • Place Broken storage bins as needed
  • Replace old and rotted wood
  • Restore and insulate your garage walls
  • Regularly clean and sweep your garage floor
  • Create a special bin for loose items

If you’re using your garage as a laundry room, routine cleanup is absolutely necessary. Leave detergent and bleach out of reach of children. Keep linen hampers handy to collect laundry lint and missing socks.

Organizing a messy garage may feel like a daunting task, but you’ve already completed the first step–planning. Next, put these ideas into practice to create a functional garage space you actually want to use.

You can never have enough expert help along the way, so check back often to get more tips and tricks on how to organize your garage.