How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel Without Losing Your Mind

Planning a kitchen remodel is an exciting and stressful time. Most homeowners do not buy a home that already has their dream kitchen. Having the opportunity to remodel your kitchen, for some, is a dream come true.

There are many components to a DIY kitchen project. The budget is usually at the top of the list. Next is setting priorities.

Ask yourself, what is most important and what can I live without. With these questions answered, you can focus on what the remodel will encompass.

Continue reading for quick tips on how to plan a kitchen remodel.

Know how to Plan a Kitchen Remodel Theme

When you begin planning a kitchen renovation come up with a theme. Themes cover the type of appliances, cabinet finish, flooring, backsplash and countertop you want.

Once you have a solid idea about what you want, you can start formulating a plan. Pick-up a few magazines while at the grocery store. See what is trending that interest you.

Buy a journal to jot down ideas and store pictures.

Set a Budget

Planning a kitchen renovation on a budget may feel like you can’t have everything you want. Don’t look at it that way. Instead, commit to finding the best deals for the items on your wishlist.

You can have your dream kitchen without breaking the bank. Look for kitchen remodeling tips and advice on DIY blogs. People that have already done it are sharing useful words of wisdom.

Take a List to the Home Improvement Store

Once you have your design idea and budget set, head to the local home improvement store. Take your journal with you along with a list of specific items to look for.

Your initial visit is to price items and to see what is available. Some things you want may require going to a specialty store.

Return home and review what you learned. Compare the prices against what you have budgeted for the project. Did you come in under or over budget?

If you are over budget decide if you have unrealistic expectations. Look for places where you can cut costs. Maybe you can’t get the Samsung refrigerator, but Whirlpool has a similar model for $500 less.

Hire a Contractor

A kitchen remodel is not a weekend project for amateurs. No matter what kitchen remodeling tips and advice you receive, have a clear assessment of your capabilities.

There may be tasks you can’t complete. Do your research reliable contractors for electrical, plumbing, or installing the countertops. This should already be a line item in your budget.

If your budget allows, turn your ideas over to the professionals and let them do all of the work. When the kitchen is finished, invite your friends over coffee.

Now that the Kitchen is Done

Now that you know how to plan a kitchen remodel, what will you do first?

Don’t stop at the kitchen, move onto the next room that can use a makeover. Click here for ideas on flooring options for every room in the house.