New Construction 101: 4 Home Options That Are Totally Worth It (And 3 to Avoid)

There were more than 600,000 new houses sold last year.

That’s a lot of homes. But are any of these really your dream home?

Many people are opting for customization while their new house is being built so it ends up just the way they want it. But there are tons of options when it comes to building a new home, so which ones do you need and what isn’t important?

Don’t worry, our short guide will let you know what options to focus on. We’ll give you four home options that will improve the value of your property and make it into a dream house. We’ll also give you three options that aren’t worth it.

4 Construction Options to Build Your Dream House

Let’s start some things that you definitely want to tell your home builders right at the beginning of construction.

Additional Rooms

Start with the biggest additions that will be expensive and difficult to add later on. If you want a bigger garage, extra room, or something like this, now is definitely the time to speak up and have it built while in the early construction stages.

Premium Flooring

If you really want to improve the value and aesthetic of your house, then make sure you opt for the best flooring you can get.

Hardwood floors are better than laminate, and high-end carpets will look and feel much better than cheaper options. It’s best to get the flooring you want installed during the build.

Bigger Closets

Who doesn’t want more closet space? Expanding a closet will be hard later down the road, so tell the builder you want a walk-in closet and give them details if you want.

Kitchen Island

These are great to add now so you can build the kitchen around them. They add more counter space, somewhere to eat, and are a great place for the family to gather. They also raise the value of your home!

3 Builder Upgrades to Avoid

While there are countless ways to improve a house, not all options are best to do right now. Some options you can do later down the road to save a little money now.

Hardware for Cabinets

In construction, many builders don’t have all the fancy cabinet hardware options. Don’t worry, just use the basics for now. After your home is ready, it’s cheap and easy to switch out all the hardware yourself.

Kitchen Backsplash

Again, this cosmetic option looks nice, but it just adds unnecessary cost at this point.

Wait until the house is built first. Then, pick any tiles you want and do it yourself. It’s a relatively simple DIY project!

Hot Tub

Sure, everybody wants one, but at this point, it just isn’t necessary. After the house is ready to be lived in you can buy a hot tub and have it installed.

Tell Your Builder the Home Options You Want

This is your house and if it is still in construction, you can choose exactly how you want it to be made and let the home builders know.

Feel free to take look at some interior design and home options and take your time planning everything before starting construction.

After all, you’re building your dream house so you should get what you want.