Top DIY Kitchen Projects on a Tight Budget

A tight budget–it’s an unfortunate reality for all to many of us. Nevertheless, our dreams, desires, and the occasional need for home improvement don’t stop when the money does.

The place that is probably most likely to need some kind of work is the kitchen. For some reason, it’s pretty difficult to decorate a bedroom poorly, and the same goes for most bathrooms.

So, how do we deal with that? The answer is DIY kitchen projects. We’ll give what advice we can in the paragraphs below.


The great thing about paint is that it’s a relatively cheap way to quickly change the style and tone of an entire room. For instance, we’ve probably all heard that you can make a room seem more spacious by painting it a lighter color.

This has to do with psychology, and how our brains perceive color. When decorating, you can use this to your advantage by thinking about what kind of mood you want the room to invoke.

Here’s a quick breakdown on which colors evoke which emotions.

  • Red has a sense of activity and urgency to it. Red is the color blood, the color of anger flushing on a face. However, it is also the color of a blush, the color of affection and passion. In general, brighter colors evoke positive emotions.
  • Orange is an absolute good when it comes to color. Though brighter is generally better, it’s tough to go wrong with orange, because it’s such a happy, comforting color.
  • Yellow is another calming, bright color, but use it sparingly. A lot of yellow comes across as creepy. Also, babies hate it for some reason.
  • Green is another great color, which can help you feel calm and at ease. You might want to go a little darker with this one. Too light a green can give off an Easter-y childlike feel.
  • Purple evokes a sense of status and knowledge. However, it’s not used very commonly, and it doesn’t fit well with a lot of other colors, so be careful.
  • White is another great color because it creates a sense of calm. However, too much white can give off a hospital-like atmosphere, which is terrifying.
  • Black probably shouldn’t be used all that often. If pulled off correctly it can seem very fancy, but more often reminds of death and sadness.
  • Blue works great if kept light. Dark shades of blue are often associated with sadness.


Not much of a DIY kitchen project, unless you weave the rug yourself, the humble rug bears mentioning. (As a side note, if you can weave a rug, give yourself a pat on the back. It’s a largely forgotten skill these days, and someone should keep it alive.)

A new rug can give fresh life to an old, stale-looking kitchen. Plus, it’s easier on your feet, which is perfect for an area like the kitchen, where you’ll probably spend more time walking around than sitting.

Keep in mind, you don’t necessarily have to go out and buy a new designer rug. If a friend or relative has an old one they’re not using, or if you can find a simple, cheap rug from any retail store will do just fine.


Just like paint, a new, or even brighter light can spice things up quite a bit. As a general rule, lighting can be kind of expensive, but there are several ways around this.

One great way around this is by using LED lights. LED technology is advancing quickly, which means that a good LED light is cheaper than ever before.

In fact, a single LED ceiling light can cost as little as about $12.

Refinish the Wood

Who doesn’t like the look of finished wood? The problem is that after a while, even finished wood can start to fade, leaving behind a room that looks no better than when you first finished it.

The good news is that wood finishing is not a one-time thing, especially if you’re dealing with thicker pieces of wood, like cabinets. Cabinets do differ from floors in this respect.

It’s not that hardwood floors are a bad idea because they aren’t by any means, but they have a lifespan. Being so thin, the amount of times they can reasonably be refinished is limited.

Granted the limit is ten, which is quite a bit, considering how long floors last. That being said, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of refinishing every once in a while, you may want to opt for a different type of flooring altogether.

Resale Shops

Resale shops and flea markets are your friends. Not only is the stuff their cheap, but it also has a history, which means that some of it may be rare, very expensive elsewhere or vintage enough to be worth modeling a room around.

Even if you can’t find anything hugely valuable, there are probably dishes, silverware and the like that are cheaper than it would be in most places. Plus, you never can tell where inspiration is going to strike.


It may seem obvious, but plants and flowers are a great way to spruce up a room. They’re bright, they’re pretty, and they’re not expensive to care for.

Flowers are a definite plus, because there is a huge range of options to choose from, and they make a great centerpiece for a table.

You could even go with garden boxes, which can provide vegetables and give the room a great new look.

DIY Kitchen Projects and Decorating Tips

When it comes right down to it, kitchen remodeling can be a hassle, but they don’t have to be. With a little creativity and some DIY kitchen projects, you can make everything feel brand new without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re painting, refinishing, or even just adding a plant or rug, a little can go a long way.

If you want to know more about interior decorating, and some great project ideas, feel free to visit our site. Perhaps you want to decorate an apartment and need some advice. Maybe you’re the outdoorsy type and want to know how to plant a vertical garden. We can help with that, too. Let us know in the comments!