Splish Splash: 7 Cool Pool Designs to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

For the ultimate patio upgrade, nothing beats installing a swimming pool in your very own backyard.

Any pool is perfect for relaxing and cooling off in the hot weather. But, if you really want to make a splash, you need to consider the latest trends in pool makeovers.

New pool designs have moved on from the basic, white rectangular pools of the past. Nowadays, swimming pools designer concepts are highly original and often very unique.

For a pool that’s the envy of your friends and neighbors, check out these cool pool designs for inspiration!

1. Moorish Touches

Incorporating Moorish design features to make your pool the central feature of a calm and tranquil riad-style patio.

This look is perfect for smaller backyards, making the most of the limited space to create a chic and luxurious outdoor area.

Black and white geometric tiles surrounding the water and turquoise tiles for the base of the pool are perfect touches. Depending on how much space you have, a square or rectangular pool works well. Although, a pool in the form of a Moorish “horseshoe” arch will really add to the feel.

Surround the pool area with plenty of greenery in distressed, earthenware pots and add in some throw cushions and lanterns to complete the look.

2. Modern Multiple Tiers

Take your outdoor space to the next level by contracting pool professionals to install multiple pools edged by a shaded seated area.

This two-tier design incorporates a small circular pool on the upper level and a larger pool on the lower level. The smaller pool is perfect for relaxing. And, you could even include jets for an invigorating spa experience.

Echoing the form of the pool, a rounded canopy covers outdoor seating and tables. This creates an informal pool pavilion, where people in and out of the water can socialize. Then, steps leading down to the lower tier lead you right into the second, larger pool, where you can enjoy a leisurely swim.

3. Swim in Serenity

For a slice of backyard bliss, look to Japanese spa designs for your pool inspiration.

A backdrop of wooden decking will offset a pool lined with sapphire-colored tiles and edged in dark marble. Add in ornate candle holders, Japanese maple trees and other touches of greenery to enhance the serene feel.

And, if you have space near your pool, you might want to include a covered lounging area for the ultimate relaxing experience.

4. Palm Springs Paradise

For a party pool that is guaranteed to be the place to hang out come summer, take your lead from the epic pools of Palm Springs.

A large multi-depth pool will allow for children to play in the shallow end while you and your friends toss a ball around in the deep end.

You might also consider installing sun shelves in the shallow end. These in-pool ledges are perfect for relaxing in the sun, as you get to enjoy the cooling sensation of the water at the same time. Sun shelves are also ideal for parents who need to keep an eye on little ones playing nearby.

A swim-up bar ledge is another great way to make sure your pool is the ultimate outdoor party zone. And, for a real touch of paradise, a palm tree or two will really help transport you to Palm Springs.

5. Inspired by Nature

For a true outdoor oasis, take inspiration from nature to ensure your pool blends in with your garden.

More and more people are opting for this trend rather than classic decking when it comes to new pool designs. The idea is to create a lagoon-style pool that looks like the kind of natural swimming pool you might find at the bottom of a waterfall.

This pool style is popular with homeowners who have gardens full of trees and plants. With a more natural-style pool, they can ensure that their pool feels more like an extension of nature.

To create this look, opt for an irregular-shaped pool edged in natural stones. Complete the natural feel by surrounding the pool with natural landscaping and plenty of greenery.

6. Infinitely Cool

When it comes to new pool designs, infinity edge pools are the height of luxury chic.

An infinity pool incorporates one or more “vanishing” edges for the water to flow over. This creates the illusion of water which continues on into the surrounding landscape. Often these pools are designed so that the pool merges into the sky or a larger body of water.

As such, an infinity pool is perfect for homes surrounded by sweeping scenery. They also work if you intend to install your pool on a higher level than the rest of your land.

Infinity edges are an expensive addition to the cost of your pool. But, if your budget can stretch to one, an infinity pool is one of the coolest ways to make a statement.

7. Your Personal Resort

For the ultimate in pool inspiration, why not create your own personal resort?

Because, a pool is great and all, but adding features such as a water slide, rock grotto, and a cascading waterfall will really take your outdoor space to a whole new level!

This concept is becoming increasingly popular as homeowners aim to recreate the experience of their dream poolside vacation right in their own backyard. The only limit is your imagination!

Be Inspired By These Cool Pool Designs

As these cool pool designs show, there are many ways to make your swimming pool unique and original. It’s also important to consider how you plan to use your pool, as well as how it will combine with the aesthetic of your home and its surroundings.

Of course, the only downside to having a pool is cleaning it. But, it’s a small price to pay when you consider how epic your next outdoor party is sure to be!

And, for more inspiring ways to boost your backyard, take a look at our other garden and patio blog posts.