Modern Garage Door Styles That’ll Give Your Home a Face Lift

If your garage door gets stuck or opens at random times on its own, it may be time for a stylish upgrade.

And while most people concentrate on interior design and upgrades to the living space in their home, a garage door could also help you sell your home faster (so could staging the garage, it seems). Even if you’re only getting a new garage door because you feel like a change, style matters.

For the trendiest garage door styles of this year, keep reading.

Farmhouse Chic

The popular farmhouse or carriage house style gives your home a barn look. Don’t envision something like a hunting cabin, though. Rather this style combines rustic with sophistication.

This could mean one regular garage door with a facade like two barn doors that would roll away to either side. Yet in reality, it opens like a traditional door, sliding overhead section by section.

With many barn door styles, you have lots of options. For example, a typical barn door has vertical wood boards and one slanted wood board across the front.

Another classier barn door to try has vertical wood slats two-thirds of the way up the door. Then vertical windows above those cover the top third of the door.

Frosted Windows

For a more contemporary design, try a garage door with frosted panes or panels. Clear windows aren’t as popular as they once were. It could be because people’s garage are messier and they need help organizing or because they value privacy more.

Either way, dress up this style to fit your preferences and the architecture of your home.

For example, most garages are overhead doors. They have sections that roll up, panel by panel when you open your garage.

Install frosted windows on every horizontal panel, all the way across. Or try installing frosted windows only on the third panel (about eye level).

Coordinating Colors or Style

Your garage takes up a large part of the space on the front of your home. It contributes to the total look of your home, so it’s important to match or coordinate with the rest of the house.

Fiberglass is the most popular material for garage doors, although homeowners use aluminum more and more. It’s pretty easy to match color with fiberglass because you can paint it.

Aluminum comes in many colors to help homeowners get a better color match to exterior paint or trim.

Coordinating style with the rest of your home gives the viewer a finished feeling. It’s a more satisfying or complete look when the garage has similar windows to the front door or the rest of the house’s style. Even a shallow roof over the garage doors ties it into the rest of the house if there’s a roof over the front porch or balcony on the house.

If you’re using wood, make sure to match the color or stain to the rest of the house. There are so many types of wood finishes that one doesn’t equal another.

A light chestnut color garage doesn’t match a home with deep mahogany trim. It looks cobbled together and haphazard. For homes with a distressed look (like lime washed brick), you could even try a distressed wood look for your garage door.


If you have a Tudor style home or something more old fashioned than modern, try installing a Spanish mission garage door. For example, if your home has terra cotta roof tiles instead of shingles, this style might be right for your garage.

You’ll see typical mission style characterized by iron handles, wooden slats, and iron embellishments that look like hinges. Some might have all diagonal wooden slats. These all translate into garage door style as well.

If you have an old fashioned home and garage, it doesn’t mean you have to have a matching quality garage door. This company can help give your materials an upgrade when you choose insulated, efficient doors.

Unique and One of A Kind

If your goal is to be as unusual as possible, go for something a little more off the wall. You could try making your garage door all black. Or style it with windows only on one end or the other, instead of all the way across the top.

Another way to give a garage door some character is to change its shape. Custom garage doors can have a round top or a large curve. Working with the trim above the door enhances the style, too.

You could also add furnishings that contribute to the garage door’s singularity. Something like a pillar in the middle between the two garage doors is both unique and could match the front porch if it has a similar style.

Another way to give a multi-car garage some styles is to add outdoor decor like planters. Use larger flower arrangements or small trees or shrubs to create fillers for the empty space between garage stalls.

Smart Garage Doors

Technology is important to people, and more and more homes are smart homes. This includes smart garage doors, which hook up to the WiFi network of your home. You can control them with your smartphone or another device from anywhere in the world.

Adding AI to your garage helps you park your cars (with lasers) or pump music out there when you’re working or having fun. You can combine these types of features with many of the styles above.

The Best Garage Door Styles for a Home Makeover

In fact, you could combine all the features we mentioned above to design your own unique look.

The best garage door styles are the ones that work for you. From farmhouse to mission and everything between, these are the best ways to upgrade your garage this year.

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