5 Tips on Designing a New Garage

According to an American Housing Survey from 2015, 63% of all housing units in the United States have some sort of garage or carport structure.

If you’ve been suffering without a garage for some time, then that number may surprise you. But just because your home has a garage, doesn’t mean that it’s usable space. 

That’s why we pulled together these helpful tips to help you design a garage that meets your needs, whether you have an existing structure that you want to work with, or if you have the freedom to build whatever your heart desires.

1. Consider a Detached Garage

If you don’t already have a garage on your home, then a detached garage is the simplest and least expensive option for you. You can shop around and find a prefabricated option by looking at sheds online.

Or you can hire someone to put up the basic structure and finish it on your own with siding to save a little bit of money.

2. Consider the Entry to Your Garage

While a garage is primarily just a place for you to store things like boxes and your car, it’s also a very important part of your house. Consider what kind of statement it makes when you enter it.

You want your garage to feel like a place with a purpose. Make sure you keep it organized to get the most use out of your items.

3. Size Matters When You Design a Garage

When you watch shows where potential buyers are touring a home, you always hear them complain about things that are easily fixable like the color of the paint on the walls or what kind of flooring there is in the home.

But what really matters is things that aren’t changeable like the size of a garage. So if you’re building from scratch, make sure you build something large enough to attract buyers during the resale process.

4. Use Organizational Storage Items

If you have too many items in your garage, then they are bound to get in the way of the sensors for your door. These sensors are highly sensitive and can break easily making you more likely to need garage door repair. One way to avoid overcrowding is by keeping your items super organized.

Try purchasing items like bike hooks and shelving units so that you can take advantage of every inch of your square footage.

5. Consider the Garage Angle with the Street

If you have your garage door angled toward the street, then everyone who drives by will be able to see right into it. That means if you leave it open, people are more likely to see your things and be more inclined to try to steal something.

But if you can figure out a way to angle your garage door away from the street, then you can retain a lot of your privacy. A ninety-degree angle is best.

More Design Tips

With the tips discussed in this article, you will be able to design a garage worthy of Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse. But you don’t have to stop there.

For more awesome design inspiration, check out our blog of other interior design posts today and create the home you’ve always imagined.