Let’s Get Cozy!: Mountain Cabin Decor Ideas to Make Your Space Extra Cozy

Log cabins are dark, cozy spaces that make for intimate retreats from our daily lives in modern, city homes.

While we might think of tartan furnishings and deer antlers when we think of cabin decor, the truth is there’s no limit.

Cozy doesn’t need to mean dark tones, heavy furniture, and wood dominated space. The rules of cabin decor exist to be broken. We’ll show you how to create rustic cabin decor that stays true to its roots while emphasizing livability.

1. Use Natural Stone

You might think wood and logs are the cornerstones of any log cabin. While wood becomes your foundation, natural stone ties a home together and breaks up the monotony created by wood walls and ceilings.

Use natural stone any way you want. Consider creating an interior stone feature wall to lighten up your space. Alternatively, build another eye-catching feature – like a fireplace or kitchen island – out of stone to break up space.

Not sure where to start? These stones work well in interior spaces:

  • Granite
  • Slates
  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Marble

You can also use faux stone or stone facing to simplify the piece.

Looking for ideas? Check out real mountain homes at Mammoth Village Properties for classic interior shots.

2. Work With Lighter Wood in Small Spaces

Close your eyes and picture a log cabin. Did it feature dark wood tones? 

Traditional log cabins tend to use richer wood or stains, but it’s not a rule. Lighter tones add a touch of modernity to an otherwise rustic space. Choosing a light wood helps small rooms appear larger and airy without taking away from the coziness of the cabin.

Not sure where to start? Consider woods like:

  • Northern White Cedar
  • Southern White Cedar (Juniper)
  • Douglas Fir
  • Eastern Hemlock
  • Eastern White Pine

If you want something completely different, try red oak. Red oak works create a rich interior that’s dark but doesn’t create the appearance that it’s always night time.

3. Install a Fireplace

A fireplace creates a focal point for the room while also adding elements of the natural world.

There are no rules for fireplace design in log cabins.

We think fireplaces are a great place to create a natural stone feature in the wall. You’ll produce a classic, rustic look that’s guaranteed to age well. However, a modern fireplace brightens up your space and may serve as a solution when a large, traditional fireplace is impossible.

4. Bare It All

Rather than hiding away your possessions in cabinets, cupboards, and presses, put everything on display. Creating a mini-museum produces a rustic feel as well as allowing you to minimize decor. When your things become statement pieces, you can skip the overdone look that may occur in a “city” style house.

Use open face shelves to show off glassware, art, and books.

Hang your mugs, plants, and cookware from racks in the kitchen for a “grandma’s house” look.

There Are New Rules in Cabin Decor

The new rule in cabin decor: there are no rules. Cozy means something different to you than it does to your neighbor, so there’s no reason your interiors need to match.

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