5 Cozy and Cool Furniture Trends to Look Out for in 2019

When you want to experiment with a new interior design look, furniture is a great place to start. Adding a new chair or table is easier than changing wallpaper and less messy than repainting.

Choosing the right pieces helps take a room from ‘yow’ to ‘now’! Quickly browsing Instagram – a must even for interior designers – can give you a whole range of ideas.

But like any kind of interior design, furniture follows trends too. Read on to learn which 5 cool furniture trends you need to know for 2019.

1. Choose Smaller Pieces for Smaller Homes

The size of modern homes is shrinking, so we don’t have space for large statement pieces.

Choosing smaller pieces, or furniture that’s more streamlined, helps you be economical with the space you have.

It also fits the trend for cozy furniture. Pairing the right soft furnishings with the right storage creates an inviting atmosphere.

Think smaller chairs beside a bookcase for a cozy reading nook.

2. Rescue Vintage Furniture

If you’ve got a little more space to play with, consider vintage furniture. It’s a ‘green’ option since you’re saving it from landfill.

It’s also more durable and well-made to have survived this long. A quirky vintage piece alongside modern choices creates a focal point in any room.

The interesting fabrics and warm wood choices also make vintage furniture an easy way to bring the cozy trends into your home for 2019.

3. Furniture Trends Go Custom-Made

If your budget allows, consider custom-made pieces. You’ll get the piece the fits your room and you can opt for designs to suit what you already own.

Or have existing furniture recovered for a more cozy feel. Add velvet to chairs or bronze hardware to drawer handles for more warmth.

4. Repeat an Element Across Furniture

Decorative elements like scallops can help tie a room design together. Follow the furniture trends for vintage and buy a couple of pieces with the same decoration.

It’ll help the pieces to echo one another. And it creates a harmonious look in the room. Drawing the pieces together helps add that ‘cozy’ feel.

5. Buy Pieces You Can Re-Use

It might be a vanity table this year. But next year you might move it to your office as a desk.

Or that bedroom hamper might become a quirky coffee table. Multi-purpose furniture is a good way to add a touch of ‘cool’ to your room because it’s more unusual.

But it’s also a great way to save space and re-use well-made pieces year after year.

Seeing furniture in-store helps you visualize what pieces work well – and where. If you’re looking for a furniture store Sydney is a great place to start.

Which of These Furniture Trends Will You Try?

Maybe you want small, multipurpose furniture. Or perhaps you’d prefer vintage furniture with matching decorative elements.

You can follow an existing trend or start your own by combining several furniture trends. The best way to start is to decide what suits what you already have – and take it from there!

Want more interior design trends? Check out our interiors blog for more cool ideas.