Time to Cool Off: 5 Ceiling Fan Design Trends that are a Must for Your Home

Philip Diehl invented the first ceiling fan in 1882. Since then, interesting trends have emerged in the ceiling fan world.

Diehl initially created electric ceiling fans for industrial settings. Now, ceiling fans are not just a staple of modern homes: they’re in style.

Here are some ceiling fan trends you’ll want to get on top of:

1. The Eco-Friendly Ceiling Fan

Eco-friendly ceiling fans excel at saving energy and money at home. They’re specifically designed to operate on less energy than other ceiling fans.

Most electricity in the United States comes from fossil fuels like coal or natural gas. By using less energy, you’re helping the environment out.

Some green friendly ceiling fans cost less than a penny per hour to operate. Read all of the information about energy saving ceiling fans. That information should include a percentage amount of reduced energy consumption.

For instance, some eco-friendly ceiling fans reduce energy consumption by 40% or more.

Look into professional ceiling fan installation if you’re interested in environmentally friendly ceiling fans.

2. Large Ceiling Fans

Large ceiling fans are getting more popular. They’re ideal for larger spaces.

The larger your space, the bigger your ceiling fan should be. Thanks to having large blades, larger ceiling fans give better airflow than smaller ones.

When people think of a larger ceiling fan, they usually imagine a blade span of around 52 inches. Some blade spans measure up to 77 inches or more.

If a room doesn’t have a high ceiling, you’re betting off looking at small ceiling fans.

3. Modern Ceiling Fans

Modern ceiling fans are some of the best ceiling fans you’ll ever see. Many unique ceiling fans have modern designs.

Modern ceiling fans usually have an eye-catching aesthetic. A modern ceiling fan usually has unconventional blades. For instance, the blades are round, twisted, or shaped in an unconventional way.

If your home’s aesthetic is more traditional, a modern ceiling fan will stand out. However, if your home (or just your room) has a modern feel to it, it’ll complement its surroundings.

Plus, modern ceiling fans tend to be better at circulating air than others are. 

4. Stealth Ceiling Fans

Another new trend is for ceiling fans to not be seen or heard. “Less is more” sums it up well.

Being quiet is key. A good rule of thumb is the more blades a ceiling fan has, the quieter it tends to be. However, more blades usually means less air circulation. 

Some ceiling fans don’t even have blades in the open. They’re often concealed beneath a chandelier or light display.

5. Playing With Color

Ceiling fans of different colors are in vogue right now. Consider a room’s color when choosing a ceiling fan.

Matching your ceiling fan with the color of your room makes it stand out less. If it’s quiet enough, nobody will notice it’s there.

If you want a ceiling fan that stands out, choose a color that complements the room. Use a room’s color scheme as a guide.

Ceiling Fans Are All The Rage

To be safe, make sure you have ceiling fans installed 7 feet away from the floor. Your ceiling fan should never come into contact with someone’s head.

Wobbling fans are more likely to fall and injure someone. Make sure your ceiling fan is installed by a professional for maximum safety.

Put your heart into your home and look at interior design tips and inspiration. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself and your guests.