Let There Be Light: 10 Gorgeous Kitchen Lighting Design Trends for 2019

Are you ready to redo the lights in your kitchen? Choosing the right lights isn’t just a fashion statement, it also helps you use your kitchen more efficiently.

For example, most people have overhead lights in their kitchen but would you ever think of installing them in your cabinets or drawers? If you have art in your kitchen, putting lights around it could bring more attention to it. These aren’t the only fun and helpful things you can do with lighting.

Here are 10 great kitchen lighting trends that you’ll want to incorporate into your set up to bring efficacy and style.

1. Kitchen Cabinet Lighting  

Chances are when you head into your kitchen the first place you go to is the fridge which has a light to help you see its contents. Why not have the same set up for your cabinets and drawers? 

Without proper lighting, it can be hard to find things that have been pushed to the very back. Placing LED lights in these areas will fix the issue. Not only will it make things easier to see but if you sprung for the fancy utensils and China, why not bring attention to it?

It could be nice to see the metal sparkle under the lights. Does this sound like a great idea to you? You can go here to learn a little more about the use of LED lights in your kitchen. 

2. Do a Mixture of White and Gold 

Do you want to be simple but glamorous? Using a mixture of white and gold is just the thing that you’ll want to use for this. Using it correctly will bring a bit of a modern touch to your kitchen as well. 

Use white lights with a gold accent to add a hint of beauty without all the fuss of wild patterns and loud colors. 

3. Use Black 

The thing about black is that it tends to go with anything and it’s because of this that it’s never going to go out of style. Match it up with black countertops for an elegant look. 

Black light shades also go nicely with dark wood and any type of gold or silver sink fixtures and any color appliance. 

4. Use a Light Over the Sink 

You will spend a ton of time at your sink when you’re in your kitchen so lights directly above it isn’t a bad idea. You’ll at least be able to see while you’re doing the dishes. 

Having a light above the light also will bring attention to the metal and unique colors used for your sink. 

5.  Light Around Your Kitchen Art 

Your kitchen is a perfect place to display your art rather it be paintings you buy or your child’s macaroni pictures. One of the best ways to bring attention to it is to line it with LED lights.

You can also place lights over the art and have it shine down on it like it’s on display at a museum.  

6. Use Cut-Out Shades

Cut-out shades offer a really cool effect when you turn on the lights. The shapes will illuminate through your kitchen almost like out of a fairytale. Choose your shapes or make your own shades for a completely customizable look.

No matter what you do, your friends will be dazzled by these magical shades.  

7. Use Orbs For a Simple Look

Are you wanting to give your kitchen a simple look? Throw in glass orbs for the ultimate in simplicity. They add interest to your space while being sleek and classy.

Like black shades, these clear orbs will also go with everything in your kitchen so you won’t have to plan too much around them or change anything for the sake of having them.  

8. Light Your Counters 

Your counters are another place where LED lights are a good idea. They give you a little extra light to see when you’re chopping things up for cooking. They also bring attention to all the different colors in your countertops. 

For example, the light reflecting off of marble counters can give off a gorgeous effect. If you have any decorations like plants, they also bring attention to those. 

9. Toe Kick Lighting

Toe kick lights are lights that are found around the floor of your kitchen under your bottom cabinets. They are not only stylish but functional. For example, if you’re clumsy and tend to trip over everything, they can light a path to make these accidents less likely to occur. 

To give you an idea, it’s like the lights down the movie theater aisle that keep you from bumping into the person ahead of you. It’s really helpful when you’re going into your kitchen at 3 AM for something to drink. You won’t bump into anything in your half-asleep stupor. 

10. Flush Mounts

Flush mounts are small lights that go on your kitchen ceiling. They’re especially good for kitchens with surprisingly low ceilings. They’re more subtle than large fixtures like chandeliers so they’re a good alternative to them. 

Due to the fact that they aren’t really bulky, they are ideal for smaller kitchen spaces. 

Gorgeous Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Bring Into Your Home 

Do you want to bring an elegant twist to your home? These kitchen lighting trends are just the way to do this. Bring attention to your kitchen art, go for stylish and functional with kitchen cabinet lights, or use it as a creative way to light up your walk area.

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