Your Home Improvement Calendar: What is the Best Time of Year for Interior Painting?

Are you getting the itch to change the color of your walls? The timing is good. 

Fall and winter might be the best time of year to focus on your interior home upgrade projects. 

When the best colors and ideal interior lighting come together, your home becomes your dream home. But don’t run out and buy your paint and brushes yet.

While winter can be an ideal time of year for interior painting, consider a few things before you get started. 

Contractor Availability

In most places, home renovation work slows down during fall and winter months. This is especially true for outdoor jobs. 

Consider hiring help for indoor painting instead of doing it yourself. 

Yard renovations and exterior painting are hard jobs to complete when the weather is cold and wet. Contractors can be easier to find for your indoor project at this time of year. 

Make sure you do your research. Make sure contractors aren’t giving your higher winter prices for an interior paint job. Often, winter jobs can be less expensive since it’s the off-season.

Choose a reputable company with good references for quality work. For more tips on choosing the right interior paint contractors, read more now

Perfect Temperatures

While it’s too cold to do anything outside, work inside. 

Paint cures better when temperatures are low. Heat can cause paint too dry too quickly. Humidity causes paint to stay sticky.

Paint that isn’t allowed to cure will peel sooner rather than later. 

Be careful that it’s not too cold indoors. Paint that is too cold doesn’t dry well, either. 

We’re guessing your indoor temperature is not too hot, not too cold, but perfect for the paint to dry well. 

Quicker Work

When painting outdoors, you have to work with sunrise and sundown for enough light to paint. 

When painting indoors, when you’re ready to paint, turn on the lights and start rolling. 

Paint early in the morning and late into the night. You’ll finish a job in less time with more lighted hours to paint. 

And as we already mentioned, paint dries better in colder temperatures. You’ll need less time between coats of paint when painting in the winter. 

Vent Well

There are many benefits to painting indoors during winter months. 

Remember safety, too.

You don’t need to open all the windows in the house to let the cold in, but be sure to partially open a window, turn on a vent, or run a fan while painting indoors.

Proper ventilation is critical when painting in an enclosed space. 

It’s a Great Time for Interior Painting

If you’ve been scrolling the web for interior design ideas, stop scrolling and start painting. It’s a great time of year for interior painting. 

After the paint dries with your new dream colors, it’s time to decorate the walls. Check out our tips for choosing personalized art.

You have to look at your walls every day. Choose the perfect colors and art to make them more enjoyable.