5 Pro Tips for Moving Furniture Without Scratching Your Floors

There are many benefits to having wood flooring in your home. For starters, the look of wood flooring is much better than carpet or tile. On top of that, dust can’t get caught in wood flooring and is a great hypoallergenic option.

Unfortunately, wood flooring does have one major setback: it can be easily scratched. These scratches can happen at any time, but moving furniture is a big risk to take when you have a hardwood floor. Luckily, there are ways to avoid these scratches.

Here are five tips on how to move furniture without scratching your floor.

1. Take it Apart

Taking your furniture apart not only reduces the scratch risk, but it also makes the furniture easier to move. When you can, disassemble your furniture. This makes it easier to move and protects your floors.

You can take most things apart. Beds, TV stands, and drawers are all examples of furniture that you can separate. Make sure to have your toolbox ready on moving day.

2. Move Slowly

Taking the move slow and steady will be key in keeping your floors free from any scratches. When you move furniture too quickly, you increase the odds that you’ll drop something or fall and scratch your floor.

Though going slow may feel difficult, it is also the safest bet. It allows you to adjust if you feel the furniture falling or breaking, and will help you make any necessary changes you need to when moving.

3. Use Those Wheels

Most pieces of furniture have wheels nowadays. Make sure to use those wheels when moving furniture. So long as the wheels are clean, they won’t scratch your floor and will help you with moving.

If your furniture doesn’t have wheels, make sure to add them! Look to get some Heavy Duty Casters and stick them on the bottom of your furniture. These wheels will help your move significantly.

4. Clean Your Floors

Make sure to keep your floors clean before moving day. This doesn’t only mean keeping the floors free of major obstacles, it also means mopping the floor and clearing any grime that might be around.

Cleaning your floors is key because oftentimes, the dirt and grime that gets trapped on your floor may end up being the things that scratch your floor. This is especially true when the dirt is under wheels or other moving equipment.

5. Enlist Help

Moving is tough, and no one can do it alone. After carrying heavy furniture all day, it’s likely by the end of it that your arms will falter and you may drop some things on your way.

Try to get some help on moving day to avoid having any mishaps and so that the physical toll you take doesn’t transfer onto your floors.

The Keys to Moving Furniture

You should always be careful when moving furniture, but you must be extra careful when you have hardwood floors. Hardwood floor scratches are always a risk, so take the steps above to avoid them.

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