How to Pick Personalized Wall Art for Your Living Room

How do you know if a piece of art is good? Easy. If you like it, it’s good.

While true, that doesn’t really help if you’re trying to find the right piece of your house. Though art is subjective, there are a few guidelines that will help you determine whether a work is right for the room. Even if you want something reflective of your tastes, there are a few principles to bear in mind.

Keep reading to learn how to pick personalized wall art. These points can be the difference between choosing an accent and an eye-sore.

Consider the Space

The room you’re looking to decorate goes a long way in determining the right piece of art. What works in one space can clash in another.

The kitchen is a communal space with a lot of activity. The artwork you can hang here should reflect that. Pieces here should complement the space as opposed to dominating it.

The bathroom is similar in this regard. This is also a great place to hang fun or light-hearted pieces. Because bathrooms are smaller, you can use matching pieces either beside or across from each other to create more depth.

Bedrooms, on the other hand, can be more of a presence. Since these are places of relaxation, the colors should be soft. However, this is the best opportunity to go completely personal with a piece. Choose something that reflects who you are.

The living room is a great space to make a statement in. If you have something that catches the eye, this is the opportunity to show it. The right work can create conversations, or simply be satisfying to look at.

Find Your Theme

Since art is subjective, allow your subjectivity to influence your choices. If you are a fan of travel photography, you can blow-up some of your favorite pictures into poster-size.

Perhaps you’re a sports fan and want to showcase your memorabilia. Jersey framing will make art out of your sportswear.

You could even order your favorite renaissance masterpiece and hang it if that’s your desire. Whatever your interests, there’s a picture to suit it.

Few or Many

While you may have one statement piece your dying to display, you may also have many smaller pictures you’re attracted to. Don’t feel that you’re limited to one or two pieces.

Choosing a few smaller works that fit the same theme gives you more opportunity for dressing the room. This can be a feature wall that displays your art. It can also be the clever placement of opposing works that complement each other.

Personalized Wall Art

If you’re interested in fine art, post-modern deconstruction, or even the pop favorites, personalized wall art is an excellent way to liven up a living space. It creates visual appeal while reflecting your personality.

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