Top 7 Bathroom Remodeling Trends That Will Completely Turn Your Bathroom Around

Tired of walking into your outdated bathroom and not liking what you see? You’re not the only one. Bathroom remodeling topped the list for the most popular home improvement job in 2017.

If you’re frustrated by the look your bathroom, it’s time to jump on the remodeling bandwagon. Trouble is, there are so many things to improve that you don’t know where to start. Even worse, you’re probably completely overwhelmed by how many modern design options you can choose from.

That’s why we’re here to narrow it down for you. Here are the top seven bathroom remodeling trends.

1. Tech-Savvy Toilets

Just imagine never having to sit on a cold toilet seat again or being able to listen to music when you lift up your toilet lid. This may seem like a futuristic dream, but it’s actually available in today’s toilet technology.

Toilets are now coming equipped with seat warmers and music that gets activated upon opening your toilet’s lid. That’s not all–some toilets feature lids that automatically open and gently close. There are toilets that even come with air freshener.

All toilets aren’t the same. You might think of your toilet as the last thing you would replace in your bathroom, but with so many new technological advances, it’s time to get a replacement for your antiquated toilet that’s been sitting in your bathroom for years on end.

2. Make a Wet Room

Many bathrooms aren’t made to get wet, which is why we have to protect the floor by placing a mat in front of the shower. However, one of the hottest bathroom renovations is installing flooring and fixtures that are actually meant to get wet–this is called a wet room.

Oftentimes, wet rooms have an entire space dedicated to a shower and freestanding tub. The shower and tub are usually surrounded by glass. The glass wall completely separates this area from the sink and toilet.

You don’t need to install a shower curtain or a curb to the bathing area. Letting the area remain completely visible can make your bathroom seem larger while also adding a unique universal style.

3. Heated Floors

Having to step out of a hot shower and onto a cold, tile floor is not fun. By installing a floor-heating system, your floors can remain warm no matter how low the temperatures outside dip.

You have the option of having your floor heated electronically or by using a hydronic system. It’s easier to install an electronic system because most houses can manage the additional power requirements. Conversely, hydronic-based floor heaters need a pump, gas lines, as well as a boiler to work properly.

You can opt to have the entire floor heated, or you can heat the floor in certain areas like in front of the shower. You don’t need to have one type of floor to have this luxurious heating option in your bathroom either. Choose from marble tile, vinyl tile, concrete, wood, and more.

4. Go Retro

You may view brass or gold-toned showerheads, door handles, and faucets as a thing of the past, but that’s no longer true. More and more modern homeowners are incorporating this classic look into their bathrooms.

These traditional fixtures go great with gray, cool-toned walls. Their polished appearance provides a sense of warmth and comfort.

While metallic accents provide a more sleek appearance, they can sometimes be viewed as uninviting. Gold-toned mirrors, lighting, and more offers the perfect pop of color needed to brighten up a room.

5. Add Some Color

Many bathrooms are typically painted with neutral colors like white, beige, or cream. While they can match almost anything and go well with most fixtures, more homeowners are choosing brighter bathroom color ideas.

Painting your bathroom a bright, fun color can put you in a great mood as you get ready in the morning. Sky blue, turquoise or a lavender are colors that can instantly change your bathroom from bland to bold.

Maybe painting your entire bathroom a flashy color isn’t your thing, but don’t worry. there are still more subtle ways to add color. Consider including bold-colored accessories or fixtures instead.

6. Less is More

If you have a small bathroom, you may believe that small bathroom design ideas are limited, but that’s not the case. In fact, homeowners are taking advantage of their small bathroom space. Forget spacious bathrooms with roomy tubs, tiny bathrooms are the new trend.

Efficiently setting up your bathroom can create the illusion of a larger space. Installing shelves rather than cabinets along with floating vanities and unique floor designs can make your bathroom seem larger.

Try utilizing as much of your space as possible. Single-person tubs, interesting sink bowls, and scaled-down toilets will easily make a statement in your small but stylish bathroom. Read more here for bathroom remodeling inspiration.

7. Vessel Sink

Recent bathroom remodels get rid of classic sink styles and replace it with a vessel sink. Vessel sinks definitely stand out and can make your bathroom look a lot more appealing.

If you have no idea what a vessel sink is, it’s a sink that’s actually installed on top of your counter, rather than being built into the counter like typical sinks. It can come in multiple materials like ceramic, glass, stainless steel, stone, wood, and marble.

A lavish vessel sink is an eye-catching piece that is apparent as soon as you walk into your bathroom. It also provides a bit more counter space underneath the basin, and can also make your bathroom ceiling seem taller.

Bathroom Remodeling Made Easy

When you know today’s bathroom remodeling trends, it becomes much easier to choose a design for your next bathroom update. Don’t feel self-conscious about letting guests use your old bathroom–create a relaxing environment that’ll make you and your guests comfortable instead. With the addition of technology, as well as unique fixtures and colors, your bathroom will be looking like a photo from a magazine.

Still stumped on choosing a design for your bathroom? Check out our interior design blog for more trendy bathroom ideas that are guaranteed to spark your interest.