A Brief Guide to the 5 Most Popular Types of Shingles For Your Roof

Poor roofing–things like gaps between shingles, old materials, and weather damage–can cost you an arm and a leg in the long run. A bad roof can leave the rest of your house vulnerable to the elements and issues like pesky wood rot.

If you’re looking to secure your home with the most popular types of shingles, we’ve got just the nifty guide to help you out!

The range of available shingles types today is astounding, but there are plenty of good reasons why five prove to be the most popular:

The 5 Most Popular Types of Shingles

Looking for stylish roofing ideas that will protect your home and increase its curb appeal?

There’s no doubt you’ve come across a few (if not all) of the shingles on this list, maybe even in your own neighborhood. But have you ever understood why they’re so popular?

Read on to find out.

1. Traditional Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are extremely common because of their cost-effectiveness and their ease to install. They’ll help repel water from your roof and prevent damage from UV rays.

Asphalt is easy to maintain and repair, too, and require a lot less know-how than other types on this list. In certain cases, you may be able to stack or layer these shingles to fix a problem.

The con here is that the roof is more susceptible to hail and falling debris and may become undone in strong winds.

2. Tile Shingles

Tile shingles have a reputation for being the most luxurious and expensive, and they have an elegant appeal. These rounded tile shingles are usually made of ceramic and are extremely durable against the weather.

You can find quality, luxurious tile options from reputable companies such as Tamko Shingles without paying an arm or a leg. And though they’re more expensive than most, they are sure to stand up to time and the elements.

They can last for many decades, which should offset the cost of their steep purchase price and installation. While red tile is the most popular color (especially on Spanish-style homes), there are a handful of other colors available.

3. Wood Shingles

If you’re a homeowner looking to pull off an earthy, natural look, then there’s no better shingle for you than wood. They can be quaint or sophisticated, and belong just as well on a cottage as they do a modern neighborhood home.

Wood tiles aren’t expensive to purchase and they aren’t difficult to install. If shingles fall off or are damaged, they’re biodegradable and can be churned up into mulch.

You’ll just have to be careful of rot and plants like moss that can get in between cracks and start to grow.

4. Slate Shingles

Slate shingles are made from stone and are extremely durable against the elements (like tornadoes and hail) as well as disasters like house fires.

These shingles are especially good at maintaining a constant temperature in the home below, saving you money. However, slate shingles are also one of (if not the) most expensive roofing on our list.

5. Metal Shingles

Metal roofs used to be restricted to farm homes that could handle large sheets of metal. However, today homeowners can purchase individual metal shingles for their roofing needs.

Metal shingles are great at repelling water and standing up to strong winds. The downside is that they can’t be placed on top of other types, so you’ll have to remove all existing roofing before installing.

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