5 Mediterranean Patio Ideas to Create an Enchanting Backyard

If you’ve ever wanted to drop everything and fly off to the Mediterranean coast, you wouldn’t be alone. In 2016, Spain was the top destination for those living in the EU.

The only problem with that is that plane tickets to Europe don’t exactly grow on trees. If you want to experience the tropical weather and rich culture of the European coast, consider changing your current patio into a Mediterranean patio!

Keep reading to discover our list of five theme ideas that will transform your plain patio into an exotic oasis your friends and family will love.

1. Greece

Greece has been a travel destination for generations. The crystal clear waters, the white clay houses that reflect the sun, the friendly people, the rich, romantic culture. The list of reasons goes on!

If you want to reflect that culture and style in your patio decor, there are a few key concepts to understand in order to mimic the light, airy, and relaxing atmosphere of any Greek home.

Open Courtyards

Greek houses were traditionally built around open courtyards. In ancient times, this was often where families would build statues and shrines to honor the main gods that their household worshipped. However, it was also where people would lounge to throw parties and entertain guests.

A perfect way to style your patio with that open, airy feel is to build a wooden canopy that covers the entire sitting area. This can then be interlaced in vines to block out the sun, and you can even add lights fixtures or subtle rope lights for parties that last through the night.

White Walls

Countries all around the Mediterranean Sea cope with the heat in different ways. In ancient times, they would build their houses were made of stone and covered with asbestos to create an almost white color that would reflect the harsh sun.

Luckily, with the arrival of the 21st century and insulation, all you have to do to achieve this look is white paint.

Think Nautical

Chances are you’re all too familiar with the nautical style of decor. White walls, pastel colors, worn wood, and vintage earthenware. This style and color scheme is extremely similar to Greek. Stay away from bright warm colors like red or orange, and focus on whites, blues, and pastels.

Any furniture, light fixtures, or other decorations should be medium to dark wood or iron. If you want more of a laid-back, vintage look, these materials should look distressed, like they’ve endured years of sunlight and coastal storms.

2. Morocco

Because of Morocco’s obvious ties to Arabic culture, it can be easy to forget that it borders the Mediterranean Sea on the northern tip of Africa. The exotic mix of Arabic and African culture provide the widest array of options for creating a vibrant and romantic patio theme.


In the past, people that traveled throughout the desert would pack tents to live in wherever they stopped to make camp. These tents were made of thick canvas and were brightly colored on the inside. Rugs and curtains were used inside to make these temporary structures as luxurious and vibrant as possible.

To mimic this, hang brightly colored and/or patterned drapes from any canopy or pillar. They can frame walkways, decorate weight-bearing pillars, and even drawn shut to keep out the glaring sunlight.

Romantic Firelight

If safety is your main concern, lamps and light fixtures are the default option for keeping your patio lit at night. However, if you aren’t afraid of a little heat, adding a fire pit or flickering sconces can create an extra layer of romance that will transport you and your guests to another world.

Cushions, Cushions, Cushions

Due to the nomadic tents mentioned earlier, seating wasn’t arranged the same way as in other countries. Instead of long tables and chairs, you’ll find low couches and tables (think of a coffee table), and cushions on the floor for people to sit on. Seating cushions and ottomans can often be found at furniture and specialty stores.

3. Italy

Tuscan villas. Cobblestone courtyards. Grape vines. Beautiful fountains Canopies with stone pillars. Did we mention grape vines?

With cities like Rome and Venice, Italy is thought by many to be one of the most romantic places on Earth. The culture is slow-moving and timeless, and the architecture is intricate and down to Earth.

Earthy Colors

Although no patio would be complete without a few pops of color, an Italian patio theme won’t have a huge variety of color. Earth tones like tan, brown, and red reflect the calm, effortless mindset that Italy is so well-known for.

When choosing patio furniture, try to find cushion with richer shades like deep red and olive green. Long tables are perfect for those who enjoy entertaining larger groups, and dainty round tables that seat two are perfect for those who love the thought of sitting outside a quaint Italian coffee shop.

4. France

Unlike the texturized decor and earthy ambiance of the Italian and Spanish themes, a French-themed patio should feel fresh, crisp, and sophisticated. Imagine a small table with white linens and elegant glassware outside a French coffee shop where you can sip your espresso and gaze at the Eiffel Tower.

After all, a French theme isn’t just a color scheme. It’s a feeling.


The French culture is very refined, and nothing on your patio should be too loud or bulky. Find wrought iron furniture that is painted white or wooden furniture with a lighter finish.

If you have French doors, frame them with sheer voile curtains that will gently blow in the breeze.

Plants. Everywhere.

Another staple of ancient European cities are the vines that creep up walls of old buildings and in between the cobblestones of walkways. If you have a canopy or have plans to build one, cover it with vines and hanging flower pots.

Adorn any tables with glass vases filled with roses and hydrangeas. If you really want a more earthy feel to your patio, choose wicker furniture with floral cushions. Just make sure to stick with a white tablecloth to balance out the floral cushions. Having too many floral patterns runs you the risk of going from dainty to gaudy.

5. Spain

Spanish architecture is known for its ironwork, enclosed balconies, and sometimes bold and unusual carvings. The color scheme and rules are very similar to Italy, but with a few differences.

Enclosed Balconies

Both modern and middle-aged Spanish architecture is known for having balconies that are completely enclosed in windows. If you have a balcony, you’re already a step ahead. If not, consider turning your patio into an enclosed sunroom.

For a more authentic approach, use gilded glass. However, if extravagance isn’t your style, screens will work as well.

Most of the older buildings in Spain are built with red brick because of the abundant supply of local clay, so any pottery on your patio should also be a darker red.

Plan Your Mediterranean Patio

Long workdays can often run away from us, but there’s nothing better than knowing that there’s a place. With a Mediterranean patio, you can not only sit and relax but also feel like you’re in a completely different place!

If you’re decorating the patio of your brand new home, you should also read our article for first-time homeowners. If you’ve had your home for a while and are looking for a change, we hope these five theme ideas helped inspire you to create a beautiful new space for you and your family.