Budget Bites: How to Do a Budget Kitchen Remodel That Looks Like a Million Bucks

A well-designed kitchen gives you all the ambiance and space needed when preparing meals.

Remodeling a kitchen can be less expensive than what most homeowners think. You can replace some of the kitchen components with reasonably-priced, quality ones.

A budget kitchen remodel allows you to focus on kitchen parts that matter. Here are some of the ideas for executing this activity.

1. Stick with Your Kitchen’s Existing Layout

You may find it expensive to remodel the entire kitchen. The process may involve repositioning your doorway and changing the plumbing. A kitchen renovation exercise should take less time and effort.

Since you’re on a budget, you need to identify parts that require an urgent upgrade.

Signs for a kitchen upgrade include increased water bills and mold growth. The exercise may be necessary if there’s a presence of clutter or leaky faucets in your kitchen.

2. Be Flexible in Your Budgeting

Kitchen remodel ideas may be unpredictable to execute. You should prepare to adapt to any outcomes that arise.

Don’t worry about reallocating cash to areas that need urgent attention. Move money from another part of the remodel project if one area falls short of cash.

Allocate more money than you think you’ll need to be ready for any possibilities. For instance, you can budget 10 percent more on refacing your cabinets.

Spare cash to handle stuff such as hiring a dumpster to clear the debris.

3. Opt for Freestanding or Self-Mounting Appliances

Kitchen appliances such as ovens and microwaves need to be strategically placed. Their position determines the convenience of using them. You can buy a regular microwave and place it on a kitchen countertop yourself. The appliance can still be functional as the one mounted on a shelf.

A freestanding oven can help you save your kitchen remodel expenses. You won’t have to hire a technician to fix this appliance in place. When bought, freestanding appliances come with accessories for supporting them.

You can get kitchen appliances at discounted prices during shopping holidays.

4. Reface or Repaint the Cabinets in Your Budget Kitchen Remodel

Cabinet refacing entails installing a new skin on your cabinet frames. The process applies to cabinet parts such as hinges and handles.

Refacing may involve cleaning and sanding the frames to remove old matter. You can use adhesive to the cleaned surface for an attractive look.

You may paint the hinges and handles to make them more durable and appealing.

Refacing/repainting your cabinets helps you execute kitchen remodel on a budget. You should enlist an expert to carry out this work.

Read more here to learn about what this remodel involves.

5. Install Moisture-Resistant Drywall

Drywall is among the parts that improve the ambiance of your kitchen. Drywall can allow you to do a cheap kitchen remodel since it’s inexpensive to buy.

Get a moisture-resistant one if the humidity of your kitchen is usually high. The square footage of your kitchen determines the number of drywall needed.
The cost of installing drywall depends on the sheet dimensions and labor.

Architectural features like windows can increase labor costs. Use a few number of sheets when covering an area to save on the installation expenses.

You can do the process yourself if the area to be covered is small.

6. Choose Butcher-Block or Laminate Countertops and Install Them Yourself

The cost of your countertops can affect your kitchen remodel budget. Countertops differ by the difficulty of installation and material. Laminate and butcher-block countertops are cheap to buy and install.

Other materials for the counters include marble, quartz, concrete, granite, and Corian.

You can install laminate and butcher-block countertops yourself to save money. A butcher-block is easy to cut and install since it’s consists of wood. They can make your kitchen counters stylish and durable.

7. Get a DIY Backsplash

A cheap kitchen remodel may involve installing a DIY backsplash. Backsplash materials include stone, glass tile, ceramic tile, thermoplastic squares, and beadboard.

Such materials vary in price, appeal, and quality. You should consider their dimensions before getting one.

Backsplashes made of beadboards are DIY-friendly, trendy and inexpensive. They can complement other parts of your kitchen.

Thermoplastic squares can work if beadboards don’t match your design tastes. They’re cheap and easy to install too.

8. Choose a Drop-in Style Stainless Steel or Composite Sink

Sinks come in various materials, sizes and prices. Stainless steel and composite sinks are the most common since they’re durable and affordable.

Other sink materials include quartz, fireclay and enameled cast material. The expensive ones are incredibly durable and feature-packed.

Some common kitchen sink designs include integrated, farmhouse, under mount and drop-in sink. With a drop-in sink, the lid extends above your countertop. The other models are complicated and expensive to install.

A composite or stainless steel sink featuring a drop-in design can suit your budget.

9. Cut the Kitchen Flooring Costs

You can add affordable kitchen floors in your cheap kitchen remodel ideas. Cheap flooring types include laminate and linoleum.

Though they’re expensive, cork, ceramic tile, and wood are other flooring materials. They differ depending on the price per square and installation costs.

You can find laminate and linoleum flooring in various stylish designs. Linoleum floors can be ideal for your kitchen if you would like to install them yourself.

Cork floors can work if you want to achieve a luxurious look.

Do a Budget Kitchen Remodel Right Away

A budget kitchen remodel enables you to make lots of cost savings.

You won’t have to spend millions on your kitchen space to look trendy and durable. The renovated space can improve your cooking and dining experiences. You can use the saved cash to facilitate other projects in your home.

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