Spray On! Here Are 5 Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

85% of a home’s heat can escape through the roof if not properly insulated. Before the 70’s this wasn’t much of a concern. Energy was cheap.

Now that energy is both expensive and a cause for environmental concern, it’s wise to look for the best insulation solution. This means having to shop for insulation which can be confusing. 

We’ll make it easier for you right now. Get spray foam insulation. Here are the benefits of spray foam insulation.

1. The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation: Enhanced Structural Integrity

Most insulation does nothing to enhance the structural integrity of its home. And the load-bearing structures of your house are its walls. If insulation is weighing down on the walls instead of holding them up, then it’s being less than helpful.

If your house is wood-frame construction, spraying foam insulation in-between the studs will hold up the studs better. In fact, this kind of insulation can increase racking strength by 300%. This is even more important if you live in an area with heavy storms and strong winds.

2. Provides a Moisture Barrier

Have you ever seen sheet insulation get wet? It becomes a soggy mess suited better to a science fiction movie than your attic. 

Spray insulation does the absolute opposite. It seals your home against moisture and even repels moisture in some cases. 

Most other insulation models actually seep moisture into your home. This causes molds to proliferate and toxins to drip into your home. 

If you live in a humid environment, you might want to consider spray foam insulation over any other kind. You will be healthier and drier than someone who uses traditional insulation for your home. And besides, you’ll be more comfortable.

3. Seals Your Home Better

Air leakage happens when the air outside your house enters the interior through cracks. It’s not conditioned air. This means pollens, molds, and insects come in and wreak havoc on the occupants.

During cold and windy weather, your house will quickly lose heat. The quality of the air in your home will drop. And moisture will begin to build up in your home.

No matter how much caulk and weather sealing you use, you could still have leaks in your home. You could rebuild aspects of your home. Or you could spray insulation and cover everything sealing up the cracks with the insulation.

4. Pollen Can’t Penetrate 

Traditional insulation can’t keep pollen out of your house. It’s too porous.

Pollen seems to get through the smallest cracks. If you’re having a hard time breathing during allergy season, learn more about your insulation. 

5. Super High R-Values

Spray foam has the highest R-values of any insulation on the market. Fiberglass batting is the most popular, but it’s the least efficient at 2.2-2.9 R-value per inch.

Spray foam more than doubles that at 5.6-8.0 R-value per inch. That’s a massive upgrade.

Spray Foam Insulation Wins

The benefits of spray foam insulation are clear. It’s worth the extra money. You’ll save on energy costs and keep your house stronger and safer.

If you want more info on insulation, check out more of our blog.