15 Amazing Ways to Do an Attic Remodel

Are you considering redesigning your attic?

It makes financial sense. Research shows that your return on investment from converting your attic into a living space is estimated at 61 percent.

If you’re tired of wasting your attic space, then there are numerous amazing ways for an attic renovation.

In this article, you will discover our 15 ideas for an attic remodel. Let’s go!

1. An Extra Bathroom 

Do the whole family have to share the same bathroom in the mornings? This can create arguments which descend into chaos.

You could remodel your attic to build an extra bathroom. This creates a unique space for a modern bathroom.

It’s also one of the most financially beneficial. You’ll increase the value of your home overall. But also, you can expect to receive up to 80 percent of a return on your investment with an extra bathroom. 

2. Make a Man-Cave

Do you need to escape the rest of the family once-in-a-while?

There are over 11 million man caves in the United States.

If the design and decor for the rest of the home are determined by someone else, this is the opportunity to make your own decisions.

You can cover the wall with sports memorabilia and inspiring pictures. Buy the biggest television you can get your hands on. And don’t forget to include a mini refrigerator for your beers and snacks. 

3. Install Skylights for Magical Views

Can you imagine falling to sleep at night under the stars?

If you install skylights in your attic roof, you’ll give yourself spectacular views of the sky by day and night.

This makes for a romantic bedroom for you and your partner. Alternatively, kids will love the chance to make out shapes in the clouds.

You can also reduce your energy bills by allowing the sunlight to warm up the attic space. 

4. Attach a Swing to the Rafters

The attic makes an excellent place to add a swing for relaxation and fun. 

Make sure you reinforce the rafters before you attach a swing. You don’t want to bring the whole house down.

5. Install a Climbing Wall 

What about some rock climbing without the rocks?

The popularity of indoor rock climbing continues to grow. However, it’s not always easy to find the time to head down to your local climbing wall facility.

So, why don’t you install a climbing wall at home in your attic? The slanted wall makes for a perfect climbing challenge.

6. Transform into a Playzone for Kids

Are you sick of your kids messing up your living room? Wouldn’t it be great if you give them a space they can do whatever they want with?

The attic makes for an excellent room to transform into a play zone for your kids. You can decorate with cartoons and bright colors and install with games and toys to keep them busy for hours.

7. A Kid’s Bedroom

If you don’t have spare space in your home to remodel the attic into a playroom for the kids, then you could use it as a kid’s bedroom instead.

If you’re going to allow your kids to spend time here, it’s especially important to ensure altitude hauling to the attic space. 

8. Photography Studio

The attic makes for an awesome hobby room.

It’s out of the way from the rest of the home so you can work on your passion projects without being disturbed.

Even the part-time photographer needs his or her own studio to make the photographs come to life.

9. Music Studio

Not bothered about photography? Maybe music is how you spend your downtime.

You can install soundproof insulation to your attic roof and floor to ensure the music doesn’t escape the space. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how loud you play your favorite tunes.

10. Creative Workshop

It helps to have a separate space to pursue your creative hobby. 

You can install windows on the roof which gives you plenty of natural sunlight to see what you’re doing. 

11. Office or Study Space

Silence is an important part of allowing your brain to concentrate on what you’re doing. 

Add a desk and office chair. Maybe a few books and some calming decor.

You have yourself an office space to concentrate on your upcoming examinations or your big presentation next week. Free of distractions and you can get the job done.

12. Guest Bedroom

When your family and friends come to visit, do you have problems accommodating them in your home?

You could convert your attic into a guest bedroom.

13. Struggling for Space

Does your home lack enough rooms and space? Can’t afford an extension?

You may struggle to find a room in your new home for a living room, or perhaps you need somewhere for a dining room.

By remodeling your attic, you can magically come up with a whole new room to enjoy in your home. 

14. Build Your Library

Over the years, it’s easy to build up your library of books to amount to hundreds and hundreds of titles.

How can you possibly find the room to store your treasures? Your attic space makes for a great personal library to house your books. 

15. Walk-in Closet

Have you got too many clothes for your bedroom closet?

Your attic could provide the ideal space for getting ready before going out and browsing the right outfit each occasion.

It also adds value to your home. Nearly half of first-time property buyers consider a walk-in closet essential.

Attic Remodel Ideas

You need to take advantage of the wasted space in your attic. There are so many amazing attic remodel ideas, the problem is choosing the best for you.

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