Minimalist Beauty: How a Minimalist Home Can Sell Quickly With the Right Look

Are you in the process of selling your home and need it to look its best for potential buyers?

One of the newest trends in home staging is the minimalist look, as it helps to strike a balance between making the house look amazing and the cost.

Minimalism allows you to focus on the home’s bones, without making it look unlived in or sterile.

It can help buyers see themselves in the home, and show them how spaces can be used effectively.

Importantly, minimalist homes are not about taking things away, rather only including things that add real value to a room.

Read on to ten eight tips for staging a more minimal home to sell your home faster.

How to Create the Perfectly Staged Minimalist Home 

Often times, mistakes are made when preparing a home for the market. These little mistakes can add up quickly, and lead to an unmet listing price.

Therefore, always consider both small and big changes you can make to a home to make it more marketable. 

Here are eight fairly easy ways to implement minimalism into your home as it goes onto the real estate market.

1. Use Neutral Paint 

While using bright and pastel colors can be tempting, it is a much safer bet to use neutral paint.

This can allow for a sense of unity throughout the home. It also allows buyers to use their imagination for a color that best suits them.

Moreover, it is less likely to deter people from home or a room if the walls are neutral.

2. Remove Any Visual Clutter

The most important part of any home staging is to remove all clutter from the home. 

Any papers, miscellaneous kitchen items, and most decor should be taken out of sight, as this can greatly impair a buyers ability to picture themselves in a home.

It is better to take more out than less when it comes to potential clutter, as focusing on only a few key pieces of decor can be better.

3. Replace Aged Appliances

While there is some investment behind this one, old appliances can greatly deter buyers, especially if they look very worn and aged.

Therefore, consider replacing dated kitchen and washroom appliances to appeal to buyers and secure your asking price. These can also easily become a great selling point for the home.

4. Ace the Bedroom Layout

The bedroom is more than likely the most important part of the home for potential buyers.

It is very important to create a cozy, minimalist feel that focuses on the multiple uses of the home.

For example, carefully place a few knit blankets on the bed, as well as some artistically arranged books. 

A nice chair never hurts in the bedroom either and can be perfect for buyers looking for a reading nook, or even a spot to nurse a baby.

5. Choose Key Pieces

In terms of decor, focus on a few tasteful pieces of art for the walls, and don’t be afraid to only have one vase or sculpture on a surface.

These items will be more appreciated if they are standalone, and putting too many decorations can make a space look cluttered.

A good rule to follow is to only retain pieces that accent a certain feature of the home.

Things that draw buyers attention to a fireplace, built-in bookcase, or unique architectural feature are especially helpful.

6. Add in a Few Cozy Details

The key to making a minimalist space look lived in is to add a few cozy features that induce a homey feel.

Items such as warm blankets, neutral bedding and pillows, warm light, and frequent smells can all help keep a space cozy.

Rugs are also a great option for coziness, as they can break up a tiled or hardwood floor.

Sunshine is another the perfect way to make a home more appealing. Be sure to open up the blinds and arrange the furniture in a way that encourages the light in.

Finally, setting the table and space for entertaining in a minimalist way can be the perfect inexpensive tool for enhancing a home.

It will encourage buyers to imagine what it would be like to entertain in the home, and give it a lived-in, yet clean feel.

7. Don’t Overdo It

In staging a home for the market, it can be tempting to fully use every wall, corner, and space.

However, doing so can result in a cluttered and chaotic feel rather than a more streamlined one.

The goal should be to leave some areas to the buyer’s imagination, and empty space is a great way to do this.

Rather than trying to place unnecessary objects or furniture into the home, really try to rearrange the same items in a way that accents the room.

Doing so can prevent buyers from feeling overwhelmed by a room, and it can also bring their attention to key selling features.

8. Focus on Inexpensive Tweaks

Minimalist home staging does not have to involve investing in new furniture or appliances, or other expensive items.

Rather, it can be better to focus on less expensive tweaks such as artwork, paint, linens, and dining accessories.

These small changes can make all the difference in the way a room feels, especially if you rearrange the room and try to create a cozy feel throughout.

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Stage the Perfect Home

Minimalism is truly about being intentional with what you put in your home and in your life, and it is not only about having less.

Every item in the home, especially one that is lived in, should essentially be functional or beautiful to the owner. 

Creating a minimalist home effect does not have to be expensive or difficult. Rather, it can come quite natural as you begin to add decorations and furniture to space.

Moreover, the paint and the details are very important in getting the asking price for a home.

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