Commercial Builder, Architect or Designer: Who Should You Hire as a House Renovation Contractor?

A whopping 58% of homeowners report they will likely begin a renovation or improvement project within the upcoming year. Are you part of that majority?

What are you doing to ensure you choose the right person for the job?

There are many different professionals out there and it can be hard knowing who is best suited to be your house renovation contractor.

Ready to make moves on that remodeling project you’ve been planning for years? It can be overwhelming deciding who to trust with your home, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep reading below for a handy guide on architects, contractors, and designers!


Architects are someone you want to talk to if you are drawing up plans from scratch for your home. Or large additions. They are incredible resources when you are making any structural changes.

These professionals will work with you to determine your goals and how they align with your budget. While you work with your architect, use these tips to have a stress free process!

Ensure any architect you work with is licensed by the state. This will mean they have a degree, have successfully completed an apprenticeship, and passed an exam. Licensing also ensures they understand safety regulations.

Architects may only be involved in the designing phase. Then a contractor or other construction professional may take over. Alternatively, you can also request they remain involved in the project to ensure proper progress is made.

Price can range widely. By the hour, an architect may charge you anywhere from $50-$200. They may also take a percentage of the final cost.


A contractor will oversee a renovation project from start to end. They will monitor progress and help resolve any issue that may pop up.

Contractors can also help you design and price out a project. They often will provide a team of carpenters, plumbers, etc. to get the project done and supervise while the work is being done.

As mentioned above, architects are handy when moving structural elements. A contractor may have a partner they like to work with, or can collaborate with one of your choosing if need be.

Contractors also must pass exams to be licensed. A license allows them to pull permits and work with local regulations to ensure all the work is legal and compliant.

There are also commercial builders that specialize in retail spaces, office buildings, and more!

Choosing a Designer as Your House Renovation Contractor

Your final choice is a designer. These professionals can help you spruce up your interior and improve your layout. Think rearranging kitchen cupboards or changing a color scheme in a room.

Not every state requires designers to be licensed, so be diligent with your research. Consult online reviews and take recommendations from friends and family.

Costs can range anywhere from 8-12% of your total project cost.

Watch Your House Become Your Dream Home

You should now feel confident in who to select as your house renovation contractor. Working closely with professionals will ensure your project is done correctly and up to your standards.

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