5 Gorgeous and Modern Kitchen Ideas for Your Next Remodel

Have you been drooling over the newest interior design trends getting ideas for the next big project? If so then you’re in the right place.

Every year, the interior design industry generates $10 billion in revenue. This is a staggering number but after you see the gorgeous kitchen trends we have for you, you’ll understand why. From ceiling to floors, we’ll update you on some of the best kitchen trends. 

Today we’re talking about five of the most incredible modern kitchen ideas that you can use in your next kitchen reno. 

Let’s get started.

Modern Kitchen Ideas for Your Dream Kitchen 

If you’re redoing your kitchen then nows the time to design it right. Check out these contemporary kitchen designs for inspiration.

1. Go Geometric

You’ll always see geometric shapes in modern kitchen designs. From boxy lamps and 3D accents, a little pop of visual intrigue goes a long way. If you don’t want to go bold with color, go bold with shapes and accessories for your kitchen. 

A great way to spice up a dull kitchen is to change up your stove’s hood or insert some geometric pendant lights. 

2. Decorative Ceilings

If you want to look like you jumped off the cover of Interior Design Magazine, then you’ll want to opt for high, decorative ceilings through crown molding with interesting lighting. 

You might think high ceilings are a thing of the past, they can take on a modern twist through recessed lighting, creative crown molding, and statement bulbs. 

3. Natural Wood with Dark Gray or Bright White

The sleek design of a modern kitchen in dark gray can often look sterile and cold. Add in a healthy dose of natural wood and brings in the homey feel while keeping up with the modern flair. This contrast of color and materials brings an intriguing level of contrast to the room. 

Opt for dark-colored cabinets without hardware and a dark concrete or quartz countertops. Choose oak-colored floors with matching island paneling or bar stools. This look also works with bright modern whites instead of dark gray. 

4. Banquettes

People always gather where there’s food making banquettes a great addition to any kitchen. These breakfast buffets are great because they replace the classic dining room table in a more fun, informal way.

They come in all shapes and sizes so you can make them work in any kitchen!

5. Long L-Shaped Kitchens 

L-shaped kitchens are ideal if you need to utilize empty space. They create a lot of counter space and allow you to have the banquette you always dreamed of. 

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Is It Time for a Kitchen Upgrade? 

Are you ever embarrassed by your kitchen? Do you find any excuse not to bring guests over? Do your appliances make you cringe?

If you said yes to any of those questions, then it might be time to give your kitchen a little TLC with these modern kitchen ideas. Read this article to find out if it’s time you need to upgrade your eatery.