The Premodel: How to Make Room Before a Home Remodel

Tackling a home remodeling project? Don’t start drilling and hammering just yet. You’ll first want to don your home organizer hat and make as much room as possible.  

Decluttering an area can go a long way in keeping you safe and sane during a remodel. Not only does it minimize the chaos, but it also gives you room to do your best work.  

Put the following home organizer tips to good use so you can get stuff out of the way without losing it for good:  

1. Consider Your Daily Needs

It’s tough packing up a whole room’s worth of stuff, especially if it’s a space you use on a daily basis. 

It’s important not to think about the room itself, but the items in the room you use most often. Those things need to be relocated before you start packing, or at least packed in an easily accessible spot. 

2. Take Inventory

As you’re packing, it’s a good idea to label your boxes with the contents inside. This is a huge time-saver when you’re trying to find a specific item. Plus it ensures that other items don’t become misplaced as you’re digging through boxes.  

3. Purge, Purge, Purge

Since you’re clearing out your space, take a little extra time to put aside items you want to get rid of. It doesn’t take much effort, plus it ensures that useless junk won’t make it back to your newly remodeled space. 

Hold a yard sale and use the extra cash to help pay for the remodel. Or donate items to get rid of them quickly. 

4. Separate Your Valuables

As you’re going through your things, separate your valuable items and place them in a safe place. 

During a remodel, you’ll likely have a steady stream of workers coming and going. And while it’s important to trust your contractors, you never know when someone might leave a door unlocked. 

Consider keeping valuable items in a deposit box or safe during the remodel. You can never be too careful.

5. Consider Renting a Storage Unit

If you’re out of storage space in your garage or attic, consider renting an off-site unit for items you don’t need every day. 

A furniture removalist can also prove handy. They do all the heavy lifting and relocating so you don’t have to.

The whole purpose of organizing your home for a remodel is to eliminate items that will get in the way of workers. The more you can remove, the better workers will be able to move and work.   

And, hopefully, the faster they can finish the job. 

6. Create a Backup Plan 

During a remodel, you might not have access to a specific room or area of your home. How can you make this work for you? 

Think about the tasks and purpose the remodeled room currently serves. Then create a backup plan for how those purposes can be fulfilled elsewhere.  

Need More Home Organizer Tips and Tricks? 

The above home organizer tips are perfect for remodels, but they can also be tweaked for everyday needs. Apply them anytime you’re cleaning or reorganizing your home to keep your space clear of clutter.  

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