The 5 Best Backyard Trees for a Lush Yard

There are many reasons to landscape your backyard. You might want to control flowage or simply create an outdoor space that you and your family can enjoy.

Part of any beautiful landscaping is to have the right backyard trees. They can make or break the overall appearance and purpose you’re trying to build in your backyard.

Having lush trees, bushes, and grass can create a peaceful, private oasis without too much work. Below we’ve highlighted five lush backyard trees that you need for your landscaping.

Green Giant Arborvitae

In some neighborhoods, privacy can be hard to come by. Perhaps your house is close to the neighbors’ or it lacks overall landscaping.

If you’re looking for privacy in your backyard, you need to get your hands on some green giant arborvitae. They’re an ideal tree to plan along the perimeter of your yard.

This type of tree is a popular privacy screen because it’s evergreen, fast-growing, hardy, does well in several types of soil, and has a nice, natural shape.

You’re also not limited to using green giants as a privacy screen. You can plant one on its own to act as a statement in your backyard.


If you live in the south, you’re not unfamiliar with magnolia trees. They have broad, shiny green leaves that last all year round. They also bloom in the early spring with large, white flowers.

When magnolias are young, they grow tall and skinny. As the trees mature, they grow out wider and look a bit bushier.

The great news about magnolias is they’re very hardy and if a magnolia gets a disease, owners hardly ever notice.

Crepe Myrtle

Crepe myrtles might not be what you think of when it comes to lush trees, but hear us out.

Crepe myrtles can add depth and color to any backyard. They’re also lush in their own right. Each spring, the trees are full of small flowers packed densely together to form a lush drapery.

You can get crepe myrtles in many colors including pink, white, purple, and red. They grow almost anywhere except where it gets very cold. You can also expect them to grow about 30 feet tall.

When not in bloom, these trees have small, green leaves and have more exposed bark which is reddish in color. The contrast can help add dimension to your backyard.

Red Oak

Your yard would be boring if everything was green all year round or if everything bloomed at once. Having a deciduous tree that’s lush in the spring and summer but turns color in the fall can help break up the season in your yard.

Red oaks grow best up north and they’re known for their vibrant bright red color in the fall. They’re also quite hardy, making them perfect for backyards and residential areas.

Red oaks also grow quickly. For some owners who want to keep their tree growth in check, topping trees can be a temptation. However, you should read more on this practice and know if it’s right for red oaks and your other backyard trees.

Leyland Cypress

Leyland cypress trees are another popular privacy barrier for backyards. They’re hardy, grow quickly, and are dense.

These trees are also evergreen, meaning you never lose that privacy barrier. They take well to many types of soils and climates, too.

They’re easy to care for and it’s easy to manage their growth.

Get the Best Backyard Trees for Your Home

Finding the best backyard trees for your house will require some research, but it’s well worth the time you put in.

Consider how you want to use your backyard and how much time you want to put into maintenance. For example, having an all-evergreen backyard means you don’t have to rake leaves in the fall.

For more ideas for how to design your outdoor space, check out the rest of our blog posts on outdoor spaces.