5 Tell “Tile” Signs You Need Grout Cleaning Services

Ceramic tile floors remain a popular and durable flooring option in many homes due to water-resistance and affordability. But in order to keep them looking good, tile floors do require occasional maintenance.

The most effective way to keep tile floors looking sharp and new is regular grout cleaning. Read on for 5 tell “tile” signs that it’s time to clean those grout lines!

1. Your Grout Isn’t the Same Color It Used to Be

This is the top sign that it’s time for tile cleaning. Look at old pictures or areas of your floor or wall that aren’t frequently used (like underneath furniture). Has the color of the grout changed color?

If your “white” grout looks grey, or your “grey” grout looks black, take heed. It’s time to call a grout cleaning service.

2. You Can’t Scrub Away the Grout Stains

We suggest using a tough scrub brush, baking soda, and hot water to scrub away at the grout lines. But if the elbow grease still won’t cut it, it might be time to call the pros.

Don’t panic: just because you can’t scrub away the grout lines doesn’t mean you need grout replacement. In many instances, a professional tile and grout cleaning service can remove stains with special tools and cleaning products.

3. Your Grout Isn’t Sealed

When new grout dries, the job isn’t done: grout needs to be sealed. This prevents dirt and mildew from seeping into the grout. Whether you installed your tile yourself or it was installed professionally, it’s possible that this step was overlooked.

But even if your grout was sealed, it needs to be re-done at least once a year. After you use a grout cleaning service, use a good sealant to ensure those clean, sharp lines stick around for a while. Better yet? Let a cleaning service seal the grout for you.

4. Your Tile is in a High-Moisture Area

If your wall or floor tile gets wet often (think bathrooms, showers, or kitchens) then you need to ensure regular cleaning in order to prevent mildew and mold. Mildew is unsightly and may cause staining, and mold can cause serious respiratory and health issues.

The good news? Both mildew and mold are easily cleaned up with hot water and bleach. A professional tile cleaning service can easily remove these unsightly and unhealthy issues from your tile.

5. It’s Been Awhile Since Your Last Grout Cleaning

Even if you think your grout is the same color as the day you bought it, let’s face it: if you’ve been walking on (or showering in!) your tile for more than a year without a good cleaning, it’s covered in germs.

Like any other cleaning task around the house, regular cleaning is crucial to keep unsightly stains and germs at bay. Grout should be cleaned at least once a year, so get this chore done before your next gathering or holiday party!

A Beautiful Home is Just a Step Away

Tile floors, backsplashes, and walls are beautiful and durable, but they must be kept clean with regular grout cleaning! For more cleaning tips and tricks to keep your home beautiful, check out the rest of our site.