Simple Elegance: 5 Interior Lighting Ideas to Give Your Home a High-Class Look

You know what doesn’t matter in the dark? A lot, actually, but interior design was the answer we were looking for.

If you care about and spent a lot of time designing your rooms, what’s the use if there isn’t beautiful light to see them in? Skip the spotlights, though.

You can illuminate your designs with our interior lighting ideas below.

1. Smooth Lines

Gone are the days of over-complicated lighting fixtures. No, each light bulb doesn’t need its own miniature lampshade. Not in this millennia, at least.

Now designers are looking to create smooth looking lines that don’t seem to start or end. Each piece is connected to each other, and they’re all in the same finish.

This minimalistic look can be tricky. Either it’s underdone or it’s perfect. Just because it’s not complex, doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Look for pieces with visual interest that don’t have a ton going on to capitalize on this trend.

2. Caged Lights

People right now are loving the deconstructed trend. We started seeing that with terrariums and hipster food creations.

They want to have an item, like a light fixture, but in the most minimalistic way possible. Glass around the light? Who needs that?

This trend is more like bare metal bars in geometric shapes. When you pair it with another trend, Edison lights, the look is very avant-garde.

The trend is either gold, rose gold, or matte dark metals – silver isn’t invited to this lighting trend party.

A word of warning, these light fixtures can cast strange shadows – so skip them in places where you need clear lighting.

3. Statement Pieces

People are starting to see lighting fixtures as pieces of modern art. Only the kind of art they can actually use.

It’s not unusual to see a house being sold with a little extra tacked on for creative light fixtures. We’re not talking about something modern-looking you can get at home depot.

We’re talking about custom or made-to-order light pieces. They are the focal point of the room and sometimes the brightest light in a collectors collection (see what we did there).

If the piece is really important to the family moving out, they have the right to take it with them. If you see a piece like this – feel free to ask.

4. No Fixtures

Who needs fixtures of any kind anyways? With Edison bulbs as the newest thing, people are skipping the fixture altogether. Usually high contrast wires and minimalistic sockets.

5. Leading LED’s

As these energy friendly lights are getting cheaper, people are putting strings of them in where you’d least expect it. In and under kitchen counters and cabinets, among the molding – wherever.

These subtle lights give the room a warm glow without creating a light fixture in and of itself. Most of the time, they’re installed along with pre-existing fixtures and controlled with a separate remote.

If you want to switch your new lights, talk to a lighting installation specialist about your project.

Bright Interior Lighting Ideas

When you’re looking at the space that you’re redesigning, think about the type of light you need. Is it in a room that you frequent after dark?

Or can you get away with a lot of sunlight and one overhead? These are the practicalities behind the interior lighting ideas you need to mull over.

Once you figure it out, we’re sure your design will have a bright and shining future.

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