Think Outside the Home With These 3 Exterior Design Trends

What people used to call curb appeal, they’re now calling “exterior design.” Potato, potahto — they’re still the same thing.

The question and the approach remain; How can we make our home more appealing to the outside eye?

For a while, people were concentrating on meticulously cared for lawns and landscaping. Then there was the giant potted plants’ trend.

Exterior design trends come and go — but we’ve got three current ones for you below.

1. Brick, Brick, & Brick

Just like the smartest little piggy in The Three Little Pigs, people are opting for brick exteriors. Not only are they strong enough to fend off a pesky wolf, but they’re classic.

And now, you can get brick in an array of colors and shapes. If you want to dress up an old brick home, you can pressure wash your exterior, then paint your brick.

Painted brick is a big design trend that’s easy and cheap to install. Pick a neutral color, like white or grey. These are the cleanest looking, but it’s your house so the decision is up to you.

You can go for black or even brown. But keep the paint finish eggshell or matte — you don’t want it blinding your neighbors in the afternoon sun.

2. Giant Windows

We continue to see windows so big that you wonder “how do they have any privacy?” But people love the look of large panes of glass. Especially in more modern and industrial-looking homes.

If you’re going to install a giant window — think about who can see in, not so much out. You can always put a tint on the window to make it more private but it can darken the bright look you’re going for.

Another option is to use glass bricks and build an opaque window. These are great in rooms like bathrooms that benefit from natural light — but not from peeping eyes.

3. Large, Natural Stones

Big and colorful stone blocks like sandstone and Redstone are still a highly-coveted design fixture. Their natural touch is usually used as some sort of feature element since the stones can be expensive.

If you want to give your house a modern but also earthy feel, pick an exterior wall you want to stone. A lot of people use it to go halfway up the wall, to around where the windows start.

It’s best to use stones naturally found in your area. They’re more likely to blend in with your landscaping and won’t look out of place.

Be sure to get a professional like Rocky Mountain Exteriors to help you plan this rocky facade. Otherwise, you’ll find your hands full and your shoulders aching.

Home Exterior Design

When it comes to changing the exterior design of your home, you need to make sure you like the design.

Repainting your home or adding a window isn’t a small thing. So make sure you’re ready to commit for the next ten years, at least.

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