5 Home Window Design Ideas You Need to See

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, windows must be the soul of the house. And as such, it’s important for your windows to reflect the soul that you want your house to have.

From entry windows to skylights, read on to find some home window design ideas you’re going to love.


Skylights are a gorgeous way to bring character to your home. For one thing, they bring in more natural light, making your space feel bigger and airier. But for another, they’re a great way to add character.

If you have a natural aesthetic going on in your home, a corner skylight can double as a window and make you feel like you’re out in nature. A skylight in the bathroom can also bring lots of gorgeous natural light in without you having to resort to those frosted glass bricks to protect your privacy.

Tall Transoms

Transom windows are a gorgeous addition to nearly any space. They are especially popular over front doors, and it’s easy to see why. The arched top works well with most rooflines and lends a classic air to the entryway.

But who said a transom window has to be short and squat? Taller transom windows keep that elegant feel while adding a touch of grandeur to the proceedings.

Window Seats

Everyone loves a good window seat, and if you have the opportunity to include one in your home, you should. They’re a bookworm’s dream, especially when surrounded by bookshelves and lots of pillows. But no matter what your aesthetic is, a window seat can be a lovely addition to your space.

You can add a window seat to a bow window in a dining room and create a breakfast nook complete with booth seating. You could also set up an electronics station in your window seat for the technologically-inclined.

Pivoting Windows

Windows that pivot out instead of sliding up to open are very cool. But have you heard of windows that pivot on a vertical axis? They are here, and they are knocking our socks off with how cool they are.

Vertically-pivoting windows work super well with floor-to-ceiling windows. This way, they can double as the coolest door in your house.

Soaring Entry Windows

We mentioned tall transoms over the front door as a way to add a sense of grandeur. But if your house has the height to pull off a truly soaring entry window, you should absolutely have one. Windows rising up for two stories on the front of your house is the most extravagant look your front door could have, and if you’ve got the architecture for it, you need to flaunt it.

Also, we aren’t here to tell you how to live your life, but if you do have two-story entry windows, we think you ought to put the biggest Christmas tree you can find in that entrance hall during the holidays. We all dream about buying the biggest tree on the lot, and you are living all of our dreams.

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