The Most Productive Office Colors: What Color Should You Paint Your Office Interior?

Red, blue, green, white, yellow, purple… all of these colors impact us in some way.

At the same time, everyone is different. We all have our own personalities, quirks, characteristics… the list goes on.

How can you choose the right office colors?

Keep reading to find out more about how the color of your walls may affect your work.

How to Choose Office Colors

Anyone that has ever looked through the aisle of a paint store knows that there are tons of different colors out there, but also different types of paint.

You can find paint for the outside of the home, paint for wood, paint for walls, primer, and all other types of things that can be a little overwhelming.

Working with a professional, such as commercial painters Dallas, will be a great way for you to get the effect you are looking for. You also are going to get some assistance in choosing which paint and color might be the best fit!

There’s always going to be trendy choices when it comes to paint, but it is important to remember that the color you choose is probably going to be there for a long time.

This is why it is important to understand how colors impact the people that will spend the most time in that room. For you, choosing a wise color for an office space is essential.

Color Affects Behavior

Each color out there has a significant influence on the way we feel and act.

The psychology behind this pretty new, but the research shows that colors really can change our view of specific situations.

Our personalities will also dictate how the colors around us actually affect our behaviors. Different cultures experience color differently as well, so it is obvious that color can do more to our moods than we previously may have believed.

How does this all relate back to an office space? Since color affects our behavior, we want to figure out which color will help employees with their mood and productivity.

Will Color Impact Productivity Levels?

In order for employees to be most productive, certain colors need to be considered over others for office spaces.

The saturation of colors tends to be what most impacts us. For instance, if you see a light color green versus a dark color green, the dark green is going to be felt more intensely by the person viewing the colors.

The four primary colors (blue, red, yellow, and green) all impact a different part of the body. This is real science! For purposes of having a productive office space, we will focus on colors that affect the mind and emotion most closely.

Blue and yellow are your go-to colors for productivity and creativity.


This is the best color for a soothing, but still stimulating environment for the intellectual.

It will help you stay awake, be a better communicator, and is great at calming people down.

If you are someone that works in an office space and needs a logical aid, this color is going to be your best bet. It will help you focus, but keep you relaxed at the same time.


Although blue is a great color, yellow also has some pretty serious benefits for people that are not necessarily looking for that logical component.

If you have a creative type of office job, such as an entrepreneur or a graphic designer, you may benefit from yellow more than blue.

This color is great for getting those creative juices flowing.

Remember that there are so many different types of yellows out there, however, and not all of them have the same effect on the brain. Choose wisely!

Get Some Color!

The colors we see every day have a big influence on our emotions and our moods. Since we often behave based off of how we feel, choosing the right colors can be important in a work environment!

Be sure to check out some of our design tips to get inspiration for your office colors.