5 Sofa Styles to Consider for Your Next Redesign

Some may argue that the living room is the heart of the home, not the kitchen. It’s the area where many will gather on your sofa to play games, watch a movie, and talk for hours.

If you’re currently going through a redesign of your home, consider starting with where you spend most of your time.

Here are 5 sofa styles to consider for your next redesign.

1. Play With Shapes

Modern sofa design has lately been about modular furniture that can be versatile and most often, stylish. Furniture designers have achieved this through changing up the traditional shapes of living room sofas.

Overly rounded and curvy edges are a way to incorporate this modern style into your home. Another way to get the futuristic, spacey look is to get a sofa that is seemingly just one large cushion.

2. Mid-Century Modern Sofa Styles

Vintage and mid-century modern style sofas are back in and currently trending. This style incorporates tufting in its cushions combined with clean, angled lines to create a retro feeling mixed with futuristic and modern design.

Mid-century modern furniture also uses wooden or metal hairpin legs for that classic look.

3. Look Into Using Jewel Tones

Over the past decade, the interior design trend has been to use light and neutral colors on your seating choices. However, the current trend is leaning towards deeper colors like jewel tones on pieces of furniture and decor.

Colors like deep blues, rich purples, emerald greens make a simple couch a striking statement piece for your living or sitting room.

You can achieve this style through pairing the right sofas with the perfect home decor.

4. Try a Leather Lounge Suite

Leather couches make a stylish and bold statement in your living room or seating area. Using leather on your sofas is an easy way to bring the look of luxury and elegance into your home.

You can either choose to use genuine or faux-leather. Both options provide the same look and similar feel, but cost different and come from different sources.

Another reason to invest in natural and genuine leather is for its ability to age well. You will find that over the course of a few years, the material will change slightly in color as it gets a natural patina and darkens.

Consider these leather lounge suites for your updated living room.

5. Large, Cozy Sectionals

Sectionals have always been the sofa of choice for those with larger families because they allow for many people to gather and sit together in the living room.

The trend is to make oversized sectionals that can now hold even more people with big cushions for maximum comfort and usability.

Find Your Style

Think about the statement and style you want to have. There are sofa styles for every type of style and preference that go from being entirely cozy to sleek and modern.

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