The Ultimate Guide to a DIY Bird Bath

Are you a twitcher? Or do you just love watching wildlife frolic around your garden?

If you want to attract the wild birds and even the buzzing bees to your garden, you need to create a lush paradise. To do that, you should plant an array of pretty flowers, wild bushes, and exotic trees.

Many times, birds are looking for a source of water to take a bath in. And bees are looking for a quiet place to take a little drink. So why not add a cute homemade bird bath to your garden?

It’s actually an amazing opportunity to give something back to nature. And you get the bonus of being able to watch your lovely feathered friends playing in the pool you created. It also gives your garden some added charm.

If you’re into DIY projects, why not make a DIY bird bath your next design? Keep reading to find out how.

How to Make a Bird Bath

Making a birdbath doesn’t have to be a complicated and expensive task. Here are a few of our favorite DIY bird bath ideas.

Stick Em Up

Use sticks and branches from your garden to create your own DIY birdbath.

Use twigs to create a wreath and place a terra-cotta bowl inside. You can even use rope or twine to hang it from a tree.

Upcycle a tree stump by simply adding a planter saucer on top. It’ll give that old stump a true purpose!

Build an ultra-simple birdbath by two simple steps. Wedge tree branches into the ground and place a pretty bowl or shallow dish on top. Make sure the sticks can carry the weight of the bowl when water is in it.

Old Bits and Bobs

A great way to create an inexpensive unique DIY birdbath is to use things you already have and repurpose them.

Reuse an old sink as a bird bath. As the basin will be a bit too deep for your feathered friends, try adding a layer of pebbles or seashells to create a shallow pool.

Use a few leftover bricks to create a base, and add an old baking pan on top. Fill it with smooth pebbles to stop it from overheating on those scorching days we have now and again.

Create a whimsical miniature homemade bird bath with a teacup and saucer. Attach the delicate set to a wooden spindle and drive it into the soil. Or attach a vase to a plate to create a dainty birdbath, make sure to fill the bottom of the vase with sand or stones to keep it weighted.

Another option is using an old lampshade. Turn it upside down and hang it from a tree or post with a chain. Or turn the lid of an old metal garbage can upside down for a thrifty pool for the birds.

Use a simple wooden step ladder. Position a large shallow pot on top for the birds to splash in, and place a variety of potted plants on the lower rungs for decoration.

You can do the same with an old chair. Place a shallow bowl on the seat, and add small potted plants around it to create a mini garden for your birdie friends to enjoy.

Green Fingers

Create a DIY birdbath masterpiece with a few items found in your garden or at the local garden center.

Try stacking terracotta plant pots on top of one another, start from the largest and work your way up to a smaller pot for a pyramid effect. Add a big saucer on top for the birds to take a wash in. You can always paint the pots in rainbow colors or polka dots to add a bit of extra intensity to your garden.

You can do a similar thing with cheap looking plastic pots too. Try using a large plastic plant pot and adding another one centrally inside, use the lower plant pot for plants and the top plant pot for a mini birdbath. Paint them in wacky shades to add a splash of color.

Cast a large leaf in cement for a unique design. Position a leaf onto a rounded pile of sand, then pour concrete over. After it dries, peel off the leaf, and you’ll be left with a bowl perfect for your bird bath!

Create a natural looking birdbath by using multiple-sized rocks and a big plate. Fix a bucket upside down and pile rocks and stones over the base. On the top of the bucket add a big plate for the bathing area.

Insert a few plants between the rocks, and your DIY birdbath will look like a gorgeous garden rockery.

You can also use large rocks to create a rustic looking stand. Just stack some big rocks on top of one other, and add a glass bowl on top.

Add Some Extra Wow

To add a bit of extra “wow” factor to your DIY birdbath, try adding a few extra enhancements.

For example, wrap solar paneled string lights around the base for some twinkly decoration. Or enhance your pots or plates with mosaics to give your backyard a Grecian look.

If you’re a real bird watcher, but you live in a cold climate, you can even buy a solar birdbath which keeps the water warm all year round. You can’t DIY this one though!

When it’s raining and you look out the window, you can nearly always see an abundance of birds dancing under the droplets. So instead of a homemade bird bath, how about a bird shower? Use a large container, a submersible pump, and a few extra supplies to create a miniature shower.

Get Started on Your DIY Bird Bath

As you can see, designing and creating your own DIY bird bath is easy and inexpensive. With just a little imagination and a few simple objects, you can make a masterpiece of your own right.

So roll up your sleeves, and get some DIY done. It’s the best way to add some extra charm and personality to your home and garden. Check out our website¬†for more inspirational tips and hacks for your DIY home.

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