Trending Paint Colors: 5 Colors to Keep Your Home Stylish

With so many options, updating your home can end up being incredibly complicated. But before you go into panic mode, let’s start by focusing on one thing to update.

The colors you use in your home are important. They help convey feelings and set the tone for the rest of your decor.

While some people prefer wallpaper but the painting process is much easier. There’s no stripping involved. Whether you are trying to prepare your home for sale or you are just looking for a change; it’s time to consider luxury paint colors.

One easy way to choose which colors you like it to view current trending paint colors. That way, your home looks modern and when it starts to look dull, you can simply choose other trending colors.

To help you create a more beautiful, modern home, here are five trends in paint colors.

1. Sage Stuns as One of the Trending Paint Colors

The herb sage has long been known for its healing properties. Burning sage in your home is a great exercise to get rid of negative energy.

But what most people don’t realize is that when you burn sage, you’re also cleaning the air. Sage actually kills 94% of the bacteria in your air.

Sage as one of the trending wall colors is a perfect choice because green helps alleviate anxiety and depression. Green also brings a sense of hope, adventure, and renewal to your home.

You can pair sage with other colors such as rust, dark green, and brown. These are all earth tones that look great together.

Luxury paint colors such as cream, white, and tan also compliment sage well. You can also mix sage with charcoals and yellows.

2. Gold

Metallics are trending right now. And gold is an especially popular color to choose.

Gold represents wealth and extravagance. But gold is also associated with love, magic, courage, and passion.

Gold is a warm, bright, and cheerful color that can warm up even the coldest of spaces. It’s also a color that you can pair with quite a few other colors that will either brighten up or cool down a room.

Reds pair nicely with gold and will give your home a rich feel to it. Royal blue or navy color also pair nicely with gold and tone it down a bit.

Try matching your metallic gold with warm and deep-toned neutral colors. You’ll find charcoal, chocolate, olive greens, and beige all work well with beige.

3. Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet is trending right now because it was named the Panton’s 2018 color of the year. This color is stunning as a paint color, but you can do so much more with this gorgeous shade of purple.

From couches to accent pillows and even carpets, you can’t go wrong using gold in your home decor. Some people attribute this color to royalty and with Prince Harry’s marriage to Megan Markle this year, they may be onto something.

Ultraviolet is a color that is both dramatic and thoughtful at the same time. It’s a color that will definitely turn heads for quite some time.

You can tone down ultra violet with neutral tones such as beige and white. You can also use bright colors like yellow to make the room pop even more. Pinks and blues also work with ultra violet.

Ultra violet is a dramatic color and when overused may overpower the room. A little can go a long way.

Use this color to paint your front door. Your home will be easy to spot and will become a conversation piece. You can also choose to paint your ceiling this intriguing color. The choice is yours on how much or how little to use ultra violet.

4. Blush

Really, all pinks are trending colors right now but the most popular shade might be blush. This subtle peach-salmon hybrid has become known as “millennial pink”.

And while this color may be one of the hottest trends in paint colors, it’s hardly going away any time soon. It’s a usable color at any time.

You can even use blush as a neutral tone in your space because its hue is so muted. If you do use blush as your neutral tone and want to liven up your space, try pairing it with darker colors.

Colors that work well with blush are black, chocolate, burgundy, teal, olive, and navy. Steely blue also works well with this color.

You can mix and match floral and checkered patterns around your home. The result is a stunning and gender-neutral space.

5. Oceanside Blue

As far as trends in paint colors go, Oceanside blue is picking up a lot of the buzz. This stunning shade of blue has been named as Sherwin Williams 2018 Paint Color of the Year.

We love Oceanside blue because it responds well to changes in light. As a result, it creates dimension.

This shade of blue pairs well with bright yellows and even other shades of blue such as navy. You can also pair this color with other seaside shades such as color and even copper metallic tones.

You can paint the whole room oceanside blue or just use it to accent your space. Your front door or kitchen cabinets will certainly stand out when you use this color.

Pairing it with basic black and white makes Oceanside blue the focal point of any room. You can also pair this stunning color with pinks, yellows, and other blues.

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