Look for Less: Luxurious Bathroom Design Ideas on a Budget

Do you want to take your bathroom from drab to fab on a budget but don’t know where to start? Never fear! You can have the luxury bathroom of your dreams on a shoestring budget. It’s a DIY project you can afford!

The trick is knowing how to maximize your space like a five-star hotel. Read on for design ideas to facilitate a fast and effective cheap bathroom makeover.

Gain Some Perspective

If you’ve been staring at the same tired old bathroom for years, it can feel difficult to see it the way your houseguests do. To gain some much-needed perspective, snap a pic of the space and then take a long hard look.

This photo will help you see your bathroom the way that others do, and this is crucial to a stunning redesign. As you look at your photo, pay special attention to your first impression. Does your bathroom space feel tranquil, chaotic, or something else?

As you look at the image, assess what you think of the color and the lighting in the space. Take notes about cluttered areas that need organization. Look for things that require fixing such as countertop stains or foggy mirrors.

Other things to consider include the color and texture of towels in the space, clutter on the floor, and caulking issues with showers and tubs. Addressing these simple details can turn your bathroom from dull to stunning with minimal investment.

Most importantly, compare the photo that you take with what your dream bathroom designs. See any discrepancies? If so, then you know right where to start with your redesign.

Create Some Breathing Room

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your bathroom look amazing is by removing the clutter of personal items. So, pack up things like:

  • prescriptions
  • medications
  • lotions
  • dental cleaning supplies
  • hair care products
  • makeup
  • deodorant

To make storing your personal items a cinch, invest in some handy organizers and caddies. Decluttering and creating space will make room for a peaceful, sophisticated redesign. While you can keep out a Kleenex box, stash extra toilet paper under the sink or in a toilet paper caddy.

Dive into a Deep Clean

One of the things that set the bathrooms in five-star luxury hotels apart from yours is a squeaky-clean appearance. That means it’s time to deep-clean the grout and get rid of the shower scum and mildew. So, don your cleaning gloves and dive in.

Of course, before you do so, make sure you have the right cleaning supplies. These should include:

  • a countertop cleaner
  • a tub/shower spray
  • a toilet cleaner
  • mirror and glass cleaner
  • grout cleaner
  • disinfecting wipes for quick touch-ups
  • fresh caulk

Once you’ve wiped down all your surfaces, deep-cleaned grout and toilets, and made your mirrors shine, you’ll begin to see the potential your bathroom has. Applying fresh caulk also does wonders for a bathroom update. Be sure to keep disinfecting wipes on hand for quick clean ups.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

When it comes to creating a sophisticated haven evocative of a spa retreat, go with neutral colors. They create an instant sense of sophistication and tranquility while maximizing your space.

Neutral colors also provide the perfect canvas for your decor and accessories. They bring a light, airy character to your space and make it appear larger. This is important considering the modest real estate of most bathrooms.

The same goes for your shower curtain and towels. There’s no need to go with chaotic patterns or wild hues. In fact, these choices can detract from the quiet retreat you’re hoping to create. Instead, opt for light and bright to reinforce the sense of tranquility and cleanliness.

A luxurious bathroom should feel spotless and spacious. Natural colors will help you achieve this look. In fact, white countertops and cabinets paired with high-quality white towels and rugs make for an expensive, expansive look.

Neutrals Rule But So Do Grays

Apart from white, if you’re looking to update your bathroom, consider grays. They are the trendiest bathroom shades these days and with good reason. Not only is gray a soothing color but warm grays can help keep bathrooms from looking cold and austere.

When you combine grays with brushed silver fixtures or a wood vanity, you create a high-end appearance that’s on trend. A gray bathroom looks fresh, clean, and effortlessly modern.

Monochromatic Interiors are Enjoying a Moment

One of the easiest ways to ensure your bathroom exudes glamour is to channel a spa-inspired vibe. Neutrals and grays both inspire this tranquil energy. But if you’re looking for a bit more color, a monochromatic pallet represents another great choice.

Start with a soothing color such as blue or aqua. Then, create depth by layering lighter and darker variants of your chosen color throughout your space. If you opt for a monochromatic look, paint your moldings and wall trim in neutral colors for added drama.

Get Creative

When it comes to making your bathroom a first-rate oasis, there are certain splurges worth making. Start by investing in a high-quality rug with serious “wow” effect. A great rug will provide an eye-catching accent, especially when placed over coordinating large-format field tiles.

Besides a noteworthy floor covering, spend some money upgrading your pulls and knobs. This works great especially if you don’t have time to purchase a custom vanity.

Pretty hardware can make all the difference when it comes to livening up the furniture in your bathroom. But where do you find captivating pulls and knobs?

Check out specialty and vintage stores for one-of-a-kind hardware. When combined with a fresh paint job, it’ll amaze you how you’ve repurposed your bathroom into a five-star dream spot.

You can take this to the next level by revamping a flea market find into a unique vanity. This requires a bit more skill, but DIY and interior design tutorials abound. So, if you’re feeling handy, get online and watch a video to learn how to modify furniture for a drop-in sink and faucet.

Know Where to Splurge

You’ve cleared out your bathroom, deep-cleaned it, updated your color scheme, and added lighting. Now it’s time to punctuate your decor with luxurious bathroom products. From showers to toilets, the right products will transform your bathroom into a five-star haven.

While you can get away with flea market finds and cheap fixes in certain areas of your bathroom, it’s also important to know where to invest. The bathtub represents one of the most important and expensive features of your bathroom. In fact, some bathtubs can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Don’t let the constraints of a thrifty budget get in the way of finding the right items for your new space. Companies such as Trading Depot bathrooms provide you with top brand products at trade prices.

So, your fantasy bathroom is just a few clicks away. Opt for luxury when it comes to bathroom furniture, heated towel racks, shower enclosures, and more. Or, if you like the shape of your tub but can’t stand the finish, consider getting it reglazed so that it looks as good as new.

It may take some extra searching and time, but finding a high-quality bathtub will do wonders for your space. What’s more, it will support the luxurious vibe you’re searching for.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Now that you’ve cleaned your bathroom, painted it, and chosen some stunning accents, it’s time to consider lighting options. Often, what stands between you and a luxury bathroom is the proper lighting. By changing it, you can turn your bathroom from iffy into a high-end showpiece.

Instead of opting for a traditional light bar over the mirror, think about pendants or captivating sconces on each side. Like a fine art museum, the right lighting can create drama and a sense of elegance.

Make sure that you buy new vanity mirrors to tie the look together. New hardware, the right rug, and a shiny mirror will do wonders for your bathroom. Before you know it, you’ll be basking in the literal glow of your new powder room.

What Will Your Luxury Bathroom Look Like?

When you know where to put your time, money, and resources, you can stun with a surprisingly cheap bathroom makeover. And you can do it quickly, too. So, start by assessing your current space and comparing it to your bathroom ideas.

Clear out as much space as possible by finding clever ways to conceal your personal items, and then do a five-star quality deep clean. Once your bathroom looks spotless, it’s time to get creative with paint choices.

Whether you opt for neutrals, grays, or a monochromatic look, paint your bathroom and then revel in your glorious new space. Follow up with dramatic lighting and high-quality bathroom products, and the final product will amaze you.

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