8 Creative DIY Living Room Projects You Should Try

Are you trying to find a way to update your living room without going over a set budget?

It can seem extremely overwhelming. But with some unusual designs and an eye for textiles, you can have a truly classy DIY living room!

Keep reading for some ideas on how to go about this! We’re sure you’ll love each one you see!

1. Accent Pillows

One of the easiest ways to update your living room without blowing a budget is to put together some fresh throw pillows.

Pillows can be easy to do-even for amateur sewers. You’ll need to determine the size of pillow you want. This will help you figure out how much fabric you’ll need. Then, if you don’t have a fabric stash, head to your favorite fabric or craft store.

Many stores sell pillow blanks that you can dress up. A couple yards of fabric in a style that you like won’t run you much more either. Dress any pillow you make with tassels, buttons or flashy trim.

2. Get Your Paint On

A fresh coat of paint will change any room for the better.

One thing you can use it on are old mirrors, picture frames or even that old lamp you’ve had for years but don’t want to get rid of yet. Pick up a couple cans of spray paint in a color you like and after prepping your item, hit it with the new color.

Repainting your room or adding a focus wall will do wonders in dressing your space up. If you’re feeling really creative, put a chair rail on your accent wall. Or maybe try something a little wild like a plaid accent!

3. Time to Get Thrifty

Have you ever wandered through a thrift store or furniture repurposing shop and seen a piece that you think would look great in your space if only it was a different color?

Well now is your chance to go thrifting and snag those details that will start a conversation and freshen up your room.

If you find a good piece that definitely has some potential, do a little research on how to update stains. Or maybe try some chalk paint! Chalk paint is a great medium that can give your old furniture a cohesive rustic appearance.

Thrift stores can be a treasure trove of sales and unique items. Keep an eye out for dishes with unique designs. Or even textiles that you might be able to repurpose into accent pieces.

4. Repurpose the Old Details for the New

Another aspect of thrifting is looking around your home and seeing if there are any pieces of your own that you can freshen up.

Think of how many times you’ve walked through a room and seen a piece of furniture you’ve owned for years. You probably ignore it for the most part. But that ignored furniture could turn into the new focal point of your home.

There are hundreds of ways to update your furniture and give it some new life.

5. DIY Rugs Can be Fun

Rugs can be insanely expensive.

But every home can do with a floor update, right? While flooring isn’t easy to replace or update on a budget, there are some handy DIY tutorials that can help you use up some old scraps and give your space a pop of color.

If you have a lot of t-shirts, maybe try making an ombre t-shirt rug. Ombre rugs can brighten any room. And it will help you get rid of some old shirts you don’t need anymore.

Rope rugs are also very easy to make. Their unique designs and unusual textures will bring some character to your living room. And anyone can do them! As long as you can tie a knot and do some simple braiding, you are well on your way to a fresh rug.

6. Bring the Outside Inside

Do you love spending time outside? But you can’t find a way to bring a little bit of nature into your space?

Well, finding some natural features to update your living room, can definitely help you on that front. Driftwood is a beautiful natural phenomenon that can give your room a bit of green energy.

Also, consider building some plant features for your room. Use old pots or dishes that you can update with some leftover paint from your other room projects.

Old fireplaces can be transformed into a natural feature as well. This unique design can spruce up your space.

7. Galaxy Designs are Out of this World

Need something really unique and unusual?

Maybe try some galaxy designs! From art pieces to feature details, galaxy designs are one-of-a-kind and stylish. With some fabric paints and black fabric, you could even dress up a few throw pillows with your favorite galaxies.

8. New Furniture Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Anyone that has a few power and a handyman’s skill set can make themselves some new furniture!

A few pieces of lumber can get you a new couch or daybed. Unusual furniture will give your room some character and also update your sitting space. New furniture can be expensive. But with some power tools, you can do pretty much anything.

A DIY Living Room is in Reach

Ultimately, updating your living room doesn’t have to break the bank.

There are so many ways to save money while still letting your space be as classy and chic as you’ve always wanted. With some paint, a few repurposed pieces of furniture and maybe even some new furniture entirely, you’ll have a fresh space you’ll never want to leave.

We have so many DIY decorating tips we think you’d love. For more DIY living room designs, visit our site.