15 Awesome Pool Designs to Upgrade Your Backyard

One of the best parts of summer is being able to take a dip in the pool on a hot day. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you have your very own pool right in your backyard. You can lounge around, tan, and enjoy the summer heat while all of us stare at you with jealousy.

However, if your pool is plain and rectangular, you might want to consider sprucing things up a bit. Nowadays, pools are designed with more things in mind, including the fun-factor, trends, and resale value. So, if you want to increase the value of your home, have a fun space for events, and have the cutest and trendiest outdoor pool, follow along! You’re bound to find your perfect pool among these swimming pool designs.

Stunning Pool Designs For Your Next Upgrade

1. The Under-Glow

If you’re looking for an easy way to add a little something to your pool, this is definitely the idea to follow. The under-glow pool is a standard, rectangular pool that lights up at night. Simply install LED lights throughout the perimeter of the pool, below where the water hits when it’s full.

If you want to go a little crazy, try installing color-changing LEDs. Now you have a party!

2. Fishtank Pool

Also called shipping container pools, these swimming pools are guaranteed to turn heads. They require a bit of installation but only take minutes to complete and look amazing when it’s all done. They consist of either a glass fishtank-like enclosure or a shipping container full of water. That’s it! Enjoy the coolest underwater views of your pool through their glass walls.

3. Stepping Stones

If you want to add a bit of sophistication and fun to your pool, try adding rocks to it! Installing large rocks in the shallower sections of your pool will not only make it look more beachy and raw, but will also give the kiddos something to play with. It’s a win for the whole family.

4. Waterfalls

If you have kids, they will love you for this. Installing a waterfall on one side of your pool can make your backyard come to life. It adds interest and a fun-factor that can only be achieved by fixtures that transport you to another location. If you want to feel like you’re at a tropical destination, this pool idea is a no-brainer.

5. Mosaic Tiles

If you want to keep the basic structure of your pool, but want it to be a tad more interesting, consider changing the tiles at the bottom of your pool. Adding mosaics, for instance, can elevate your pool from boring to beautiful in a matter of days. Pick the pattern that most speaks to you and enjoy the underwater views of this beautiful art form.

6. Tuscan Style

Who doesn’t love Tuscany? If you answered “crazy people”, give this pool idea a try. To incorporate that rustic, Italian feel to your pool, try adding some burnt orange pool umbrellas to your tables or loungers and plant some cypress trees around the perimeter of your pool. The combination of these trees and colors will instantly transport you to central Italy.

7. Pool Bar

If you’re feeling ambitious and love drinks in the water, this pool bar is for you. A pool bar is not as easy to build as other items on this list, but it is well worth it. Your neighbors and friends will be dying to stop by and your parties will be legendary. Guaranteed.

8. Water Sports

If you want to entertain your kiddos during summer but they’re tired of the same old pool, you’ll be surprised at how entertained they are by a simple hoop. Install it right at the edge of the swimming pool and watch them enjoy the summer days!

9. Fireside Swimming

We tend to want to bring the outdoors inside, but have you thought about the opposite? Taking a fireplace outside can make your swimming experience beautiful and much more comfortable, especially if you live in an area that tends to get chilly at night. Enjoying cozy date nights with a glass of wine by the fire never sounded so good.

10. Beach Shore Effect

If you’re a beach lover but can’t go often, this is the next best thing. Adding a gradient effect to the entrance of your pool can give the illusion of a shoreline. This idea works best for inground pools as it seamlessly blends with the level of your surface. To know whether your inground pool is in good shape or might need a resurfacing, click here to read more!

11. Seating

If you like to lounge around but dip your toes in the water at the same time, grab a pen because this is your next summer project! Adding seating elements to the inside of your pool is great for days where you just want to relax and read a book while still being in the pool. An umbrella tops off the comfort scale and guarantees you’ll be wrinkly from all the time spent there!

12. Pebbles

Pebbles are a great stone to decorate with. They are fun to place at the bottom of your pool instead of tiles if you want a river look, but are also amazing as landscaping tools outside your pool. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with pebbles!

13. The Greek Pool

If your home is more regal and elegant, you’ll want to match that aesthetic in the backyard as well. Adding some Grecian columns or pedestals on the four corners of your pool can transform it from plain to god-worthy. It’s easy to do it yourself and can change the look of your home instantly!

14. Tiki Pool House

If your pool is completely exposed with no coverings, you may want to consider adding a bit of shade for those burning hot days. Adding a tiki pool house on one corner of your pool can be the best and trendiest solution to this problem. This style of pool house is reminiscent of a tropical island, so you can’t go wrong!

15. Lazy River

Last but not least, we have the lazy river style. This is perfect for homes with large backyards and ambitious homeowners. This pool design is basically a long river that wraps and coils but starts where it ends, making a continuous loop. Adding jets on the sides can further enhance the experience by seemingly creating a current.

Wrapping Up

Upgrading your pool with one of these pool designs is guaranteed to bring the value of your home up and increase the summer fun for everyone in the family. You’ll have friends and family begging to come over and you’ll turn into the neighborhood go-to fun house.

If you liked this list and are interested in other ways to improve your home and backyard, check us out! We’ve gathered the best inspiration for home renovation and interior design as well as tips for how you can do some of this stuff yourself!