9 Creative Bedroom Ideas For the Kids

Are you looking to transform your kid’s bedroom from boring to creative? Children have soaring imaginations. The smallest bedroom DIY can take their playtime to the next level.

You don’t have to break the bank when transforming their space. Most DIYs are affordable and easy to make.

Give your kiddos a fun space by using one or more of these DIYs. Keep reading for the best (and most affordable) creative bedroom ideas for kids.

1. Decal Wall Decor

How often does your kiddo change their mind about what they like? One day their favorite animal is an elephant, the next it’s a lion.

Decals are the perfect affordable decor. You can swap them out whenever you want without damaging your walls. And, they come in all different shapes, characters, and animals.

One idea is to choose a simple dot decal and create a polka dot wall in different colors. For versatility and ease of application, decals are the best creative DIY project.

2. Chalkboard Wall

There is nothing cooler than having permission to draw on the walls. Painting your kid’s room with chalkboard paint gives them that privilege.

Also, it’s super easy to apply and low maintenance.

If you want to take it up a notch, consider drawing a themed mural on the wall with colored chalk. You could draw a scene from their favorite movie or TV show. And, when they’ve moved on to their next favorite, you can change the mural.

You can also buy whiteboard paint if you want to avoid the dust from chalk. Whiteboard walls allow for colorful markers and easy clean-up. Add some magnetic sheets and you can incorporate hanging artwork with magnets.

3. Framed Artwork

Gallery walls aren’t only for adult rooms. You can add a gallery wall to your kid’s room for a clean and creative look.

Rather than buying art prints, choose some of your kiddo’s artwork. It’ll make them feel proud of their creativity. And, it’ll add a creative and hand-made element to the room.

You could make it a family activity to create art for the gallery wall. Have your child draw a portrait of each member of their family. Or, have them create a painting based on positive emotions, like happy or excited.

Choose picture frames in varying sizes. The best gallery walls have different sizes, shapes, and material frames.

4. T-shirt Headboard

We all know how fast kids grow. One day their clothes fit, the next day they don’t.

You can repurpose their small shirts by turning them into a headboard. All you must do is wrap each shirt around a wooden rectangular plank. After you have nine planks with the t-shirt’s design facing out, nail them to the wall behind the bed.

Make it a family time craft by letting your kiddo pick out the t-shirts they want to use.

5. Washi Tape Designs

Washi tape designs are super easy to create and to remove. There’s no commitment because whenever you want a change, you can peel it off.

One of the most popular designs is geometric shapes. Use the tape to create 3-D diamonds or cubes. Place them on the wall spaced at even distances apart.

You could also use the washi tape to create a border around pictures and other wall art. Adding color has never been so easy!

6. Personal Tent

Ever wonder why kids love making forts? They’re thrilled at the idea of a small space meant only for them.

You can take this love and make it stylish with a personal tent or teepee. Plus, they’re super stylish for 2018’s design trends.

Choose a fabric that adds texture to the room’s style. You could choose a light, flowy fabric in white or pink to add femininity. Or, a dark and heavy material for a more intense look.

Using wooden dowels, create a triangle with their bases. Attach the dowels at the tops. Then, wrap the fabric around the structure typing at the top with rope.

7. Door Frame Swing

There is nothing cooler for a kids’ room than an indoor swing. It’s bringing the best part of the park into your kiddo’s room.

Luckily, they’re easy to install and design.

Screw two metal hooks into the top of the door frame. Attach equal lengths of rope to a wooden plank. Then, hang the ropes on the metal hooks.

You may need to reinforce the swing as your child gets bigger. It’s best for little ones who will love practicing their swinging from home.

8. Themed Bunk Bed

Bunk beds offer a world of possibilities for creative DIYs. Consider what your kid is passionate about.

If they love space, transform the bottom bunk area into a spaceship. Create a panel of buttons and switches. You could even create a window that looks at the planets and stars.

If your kid is more into fairy tales, create a princess dressing room in the lower bunk space. It can hold all their dress-up clothes and a full-length mirror.

When kids enjoy playing in their room, you’ll have less clutter in the rest of your house.

9. Mountain Scenery Mural

Natural never goes out of style. As your child grows up, they’ll never get tired of a calming and serene natural scene on the walls.

You can make it as simple or complicated as you like. Some of the cutest wall murals have a childlike simplicity and pastel colors.

Add elements of nature to the rest of the room. Wooden shelves, low-maintenance indoor plants, and other earthy elements all look great.

Want More Creative Bedroom Ideas?

You can make fun and colorful DIYs for your kid’s room without breaking the bank. Plus, your children can take pride in their room decor if they helped make it.

There are tons of creative bedroom ideas for kids’ rooms as well as the rest of your house. Always see if you can make a decor piece yourself before spending a fortune!

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