4 DIY Light Fixtures That Will Transform Your Home

Your home is a representation of who you are and what you love. For some homeowners, that warrants going a step further than picking out the finishings and decor from their favorite store.

If you want to customize your home, DIY home decor projects are the best ways to add a personal touch. There’s an endless list of ways to do this. DIY light fixtures, however, can have a particularly strong impact on the feel and look of your home.

For inspiration, check out these great DIY light fixture ideas.

DIY Light Fixtures for Any Home

Your light fixtures need to fit your home’s decor and your personal style. This collection has options for any home from modern to rustic.

1. TetraBox Lamp

The TetraBox Lamp is a unique project designed by the talented Ed Chew. It gets its name because it’s made from used Tetra Brik packages–a type of beverage carton that has reflective foil inside.

You can use any type of cartons with a foil coating. If you can’t find enough, you can use other types of thin cardboard and apply your own aluminum foil. Keep in mind that it could affect your end result if you use varying types of cardboard or foil. For some, that’s a benefit because it provides a more unique look.

When you have your supplies, cut the foiled cardboard into strips that are one inch wide and six inches long. Fold each strip into a triangle shape by folding it six times. You’ll have two layers of cardboard on each side of the triangle. Be sure to fold it with the foil facing out.

The size and shape of your lamp will affect how many triangles you need. When you have them all prepared, use the outside loose end of each triangle’s strip to connect it with other triangles. You can secure them with craft glue as well. Depending on the interior design style you choose, you can create a globe shape, a rectangle, or any other shape that works with your design.

Before you add the last triangles, place the enclosure around a light bulb on a lamp or hanging from your ceiling. Be sure to keep a lampshade holder on the bulb or use another way to make sure the hot bulb doesn’t get too close to the cardboard.

Finish the enclosure and voila! Turn on the light and watch the beautiful disco ball-like pattern it casts onto your walls.

2. Coat Hanger Lighting Fixture

It’s been said that a true artist can look at ordinary items and see the beauty of their potential. That’s certainly the case for this gorgeous light fixture made of coat hangers.

The designer, Natalie Simpson, used metal hardware to connect a series of velvet-coated wooden hangers. By adjusting, connecting and securing them all at precise and consistent angles, she built a spiral-like design. She placed the light bulb into the hollow space in the center of the hangers.

The best part of this fixture, though, is that you can do any arrangement you choose. You can also decide whether or not you want to leave the metal hook on the hangers. It’s a great conversation piece that adds a modern and colorful touch to any room.

3. Drum Set Chandelier

If you’re a music lover, this drum set chandelier is the perfect way to bring your passion into your home. It’s especially economical if you have an old drum set you aren’t using anymore.

If you don’t, you may be able to find a cheap one online or at a yard sale. You could even get creative and build fake drum casings.

Remove the sides of each drum so you’re left with the metal rims. If your drums are tarnished or if you want to update their color or style, now is the time to do it.

You can get creative with the way you arrange and connect your drums. Depending on how heavy your drums are and how many pieces you’re using, make sure you use a metal rod that can support them.

Hanging and wiring your drum set chandelier can be a challenge. Make sure you use hardware and mounting techniques that can support the weight of your chandelier. To create a true chandelier look, get a light bulb into each drum.

4. Cheese Grater Overhead Lighting

If you want an economical and stylish way to bring accent lighting into your kitchen, look no further than this cheese grater light fixture. This is also a less time-consuming project than the other DIY light fixtures on this list, so even busy folks can have a personalized home.

Depending on the size and arrangement of your kitchen, you can use anywhere from two to six or seven graters. Based on the size you want, start by getting a wooden board at your desired length. Be sure to choose a wood type and stain color that fits with your kitchen’s look.

Drill a hole into the wood for each grater. Make sure there’s enough space between them for the graters and that they’re evenly spaced. Next, drill a hole of the same size into the handle and top of each grater. This is where the wire will connect the light bulb in each grater.

At each end of the board, attach a chain, cable, or whatever type of hardware you want to use to hang the fixture. When it’s time to hang it, place a bulb inside each grater and attach them securely. You can wire them all together so you only need one cable going into your ceiling.

Making a Home Your Own

Creating your “home” takes more than buying a house. It requires you to bring in your personal style and create a space where you feel like yourself. Projects like these DIY light fixtures can bring in your personal designs while giving you a sense of accomplishment in your decor.

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